Storytime Issue 35 Is Out Now!

kids magazine subscriptions, best bedtime stories, Tom Thumb, Storytime Issue 35, storytime magazineGood things comes in small packages, they say, and we hope when you read Tom Thumb in our new issue you’ll agree. Storytime Issue 35 is out now, with this pint-sized hero looking extremely cute on the cover. Art is by Emmanuelle Colin.

Like Thumbelina (which we featured in Storytime Issue 17), there are versions of the Tom Thumb story all over the world, but we loved the Arthurian finale in this one, and hope children enjoy tiny Tom’s adventures. Schools subscribing to Storytime will receive our free Tom Thumb pack, filled with lesson ideas and activities linked to the story, and all readers can download goodies for our Tom Thumb game in the back of the issue.

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The Old Woman and her Pig in Storytime Issue 35, illustrated by Cristina Yepez

As usual, the latest issue of Storytime is bursting at the seams with a wide variety of stories and a visual feast of illustration styles – something for everyone! In Storyteller’s Corner, we have a true classic – a story that many parents will have grown up with – The Old Woman and her Pig, with rich and characterful illustrations by Cristina Yepez. We’ll write more about this and the joy of reading chain tales in a future blog.

Our latest fable, The Butterfly and the Rose teaches a lesson about loyalty, and will transport you to a summer garden in full bloom thanks to our illustrations by Fernanda Ribeiro.

More diminutive characters come in our poem The Rainbow Fairies by Lizzie M Hadley. It’s charming, it’s colourful and it has gorgeous illustrations by Anoosha Syed.

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I Want to Be a Pencil Sharpener – story by Eszter Molnar and illustrations by Jess Pauwels

Our newly commissioned story, I Want to Be a Pencil Sharpener, is brought to you by former primary school teacher Eszter Molnar, who has been conjuring up stories since she was a child, but has been taking it more seriously since having children of her own. Do show your support over at her site Maisie’s Reading Corner and on Facebook. Illustrations are by the amazing Jess Pauwels, who has really captured the spirit and humour of this lovely story.

As ever, Alphabet Zoo, illustrated by animal wrangler extraordinaire, Tim Budgen, brings you rhyming magic and mayhem. We’ve reached letters H and I, which means wacky hyenas, wallowing hippos, cool iguanas and a mountaineering ibex. Do not miss our free monthly packs, which you can download here. They come with facts, jokes, puzzles and animal alphabet posters to collect.

Ali’s Dream is our Around the World Tale from Yemen and features a well-known character in the Middle East, Clever Ali – professional fixer of problems. Ali does it in style in this funny story illustrated by Pamela Wehrhahne.

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An eagle sorceress takes on a Finnish god in The Sampo. Art by Ana Varela

Finally, Storytime Issue 35 has our first Finnish myth all about the incredible Sampo. What it a Sampo? You’ll just have to read the issue to find out, but we can tell you that the story involves gods, a shape-shifting sorceress, a magical furnace and a thrilling battle – all brought to life in wonderful illustrations by Ana Varela. You might recognise Ana’s work from Storytime Issue 14 and our myth Atlanta and the Golden Apples.

There’s more to Storytime than stories, so you can also look forward to activity ideas and suggestions throughout the issue, including puzzles, drawing, colouring, a craft, book recommendations and a bumper prize bundle from Little Tiger Press too! Make sure you enter here. As we say in the issue, we’re all about short stories with big ideas.


Happy reading this month – let us know our favourites in Storytime Issue 35 on Twitter or Facebook! We’d love to hear from you.
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