About Storytime

There is no greater joy than getting lost in a good story.

When kids read for the sheer pleasure of it, it improves their reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary, but best of all it’s just fantastic fun!

That’s why we made Storytime. It’s one of the UK’s biggest subscription magazines for kids. Subscribe today to find out why!

Each month, Storytime magazine is packed with brilliant tales for boys and girls of all ages. Storytime gives you a quality children’s magazine that actually helps to improve literacy with great content you can keep forever. And, unlike most magazines for kids, Storytime has no adverts and no throwaway plastic toys.

  • Wonderful stories for kids every month, including fairy tales, myths, fables, stories from different cultures and tales from new authors.
  • Specially commissioned, full-colour illustrations.
  • Puzzles, activities, games and colouring.
  • Printed on quality paper so you can read it again and again.
  • Kids’ competitions every month, win books and much more.
  • Beautiful tidy files to store them in.

Storytime runs as a social enterprise. Profit is reinvested to support parents in spending more time reading with their children, and to work with schools, councils and other organisations to improve the literacy of families across the UK.

Reading for pleasure is so important it’s now part of the national curriculum, and magazines for kids play an important role in that, as well as books. With Storytime magazine, kids can enjoy an engaging and magical world of stories every month. Get a sneak preview of this month’s exciting issue!



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