Storytime Content Licensing

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Interested in content licensing? Storytime magazine launched in the UK in 2014 and quickly made a name for itself as a high-quality magazine that parents and teachers trust – and which kids look forward to receiving every month. We’re told there’s nothing more exciting than getting a gorgeous Storytime envelope through the post.

With our imaginative and beautifully illustrated stories – classic and new – our research shows that we are stealthily boosting literacy levels and creating passionate and proficient readers across the country.

In fact, today, Storytime is not just the UK’s favourite story magazine, it has subscribers in over 50 countries. These include families, international schools and schools who want to help children to learn English in a fun and engaging way. (We also create teaching resource packs for each issue.)

content licensing, storytime, storytime magazine, kids magazine subscriptions, licensing Storytime content

Recently, Storytime has been collaborating with a variety of content licensing partners to help build a world of enthusiastic young readers. We’re currently working with magazine publishers and distributors in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong and South Africa to bring special editions of Storytime magazine, adapted for their markets, to the education and retail sectors. Read about our Singapore partner, I Love Reading, here.

With over 45 issues under our belt, which equates to over 330 illustrated stories and poems, we have a vast archive and it grows every month.

We also work with content licensing partners in book publishing and on digital platforms, who are using our existing content in exciting new formats. Plus, we work alongside educators who use Storytime to reach reluctant readers or children who don’t have access to educational resources, like Storytime.

We are keen to meet new Storytime content licensing partners who share our values. If you would like to be part of our global success story, get in touch today at

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Some of Storytime magazine’s brilliant global content licensing partners.