Storytime: Your World of Stories

Storytime: Your World of Stories


Storytime is a brand that will make your child fall in love with reading. Our tales are specially written and illustrated to enrich children’s imaginations, pique their curiosity, and build their knowledge of the world. Our aim is to engage with young readers and bring joy and laughter to the whole family – because we know that stories should be read, loved and shared!

When you subscribe to Storytime, you are welcomed into a unique world of stories – with access to over 900 tales in print, digital and audio formats. By doing so you will also support our mission to make quality reading material accessible to every child.

Come this way, as we take you on a tour through your world of stories!


Storytime: A Monthly Treat for Your Familysharing stories

Every month, you and your young ones will receive a fresh copy of Storytime in a brightly coloured envelope. Getting this in the post is a very special experience that our readers tell us they look forward to with anticipation.

Each issue of Storytime is printed on high quality paper and contains a collection of lovingly curated and gorgeously illustrated tales of all kinds from around the world. You will find fairy tales, myths and legends, folk tales, fables, and more. There is something for everyone in Storytime, whether you prefer adventure, humour, fantasy or mystery.


Engaging Reluctant Readers

Storytime isn’t just entertaining, it’s also educational! Stories are accompanied by fact boxes that provide interesting information and trivia related to the stories. You will also find quizzes, puzzles, and activities that stimulate children’s minds. Storytime is designed to help kids develop their literacy, vocabulary, comprehension, and general knowledge skills in a fun and engaging way.


Stories are proven to be the most effective way to learn whilst having fun. Things we learn through stories stay with us for far longer and are easier to comprehend as well. We know that kids enjoy brightly illustrated tales in a magazine format, and each issue contains stories of different lengths and types so everyone can find something that suits their skills and interests. Storytime has been particularly successful at engaging reluctant readers and is a firm favourite with families and schools all over the world.


We believe that everyone is a reader – and literacy skills are the key to bridging education gaps in society and allowing everyone to have more opportunities. For us, it’s a privilege to be part of the change we want to see in the world by creating something special and full of wonder.


Your Storytime Hub 

As a subscriber to our monthly magazine, you get access to the online Storytime Hub, where you can enjoy even more stories and resources. The Storytime Hub is our online platform that allows you to:

  • Listen to audio stories! You can experience having our tales read to you by a talented professional voice artist. Being read to is a special experience, whether your children are reading  along with the audio to build confidence or drifting into dreamland at bedtime. It’s also great for EAL learning, as you can hear how the words are pronounced while enjoying the tales!Storytime Hub
  • Access a vast library of stories! You can browse through over nine hundred illustrated tales from our archive. You will never run out of tales to enjoy, and you can discover new favourites and old classics along the way.
  • Download free activities and games! Reading is only the beginning! You will also find a variety of activities and games inspired by our stories, such as colouring pages, word searches, crosswords, craft projects, recipes, and more. These are free to download and print, and they will keep kids entertained for hours. They also help to keep readers engaged with stories and remember them. The activities encourage children to revisit stories – and discover new things!
  • Get bonus learning resource packs! If you are a teacher or a homeschooler, you can benefit from our 20-page teaching resource packs for every new issue! They cover various subjects and skills, such as literacy, art, science, maths, and PSHE. They are aligned with the national curriculum and provide lesson plans, worksheets, and assessment tools. These packs are inspired by our stories and encourage kids to think creatively and engage with the things they read in different ways.


Storytime is also published in many other countries and in other languages, and our world of stories will expand even more. Stay tuned! There is no limit for our imagination when we are creating tales, and there are many new things to come. We hope you will join us in this journey as we create lovely memories for children all over the world!