Real Life Adventures


The new issue of Storytime features our second Awesome Adventures story: the tale of the adventures of young Charles Darwin and his passion for collecting and tasting insects!

We are particularly excited about this new section, and we are sure you are too. Many of you have written in to say that you would like more real-life and historical tales in our magazine, and the feedback has inspired us to bring Awesome Adventures to life.

Real life can be even stranger and more interesting than fiction, and there are so many exciting stories waiting to be told. We plan to feature a wide variety of famous characters in this section – some from the distant past and some from the modern day, some who are scientists or sportsmen and others who are adventurers or artists… Boys and girls are included, not to mention some fabulous animals (as shown in last month’s tale of Bamse the sea-going Saint Bernard). All of them have one thing in common: a truly brilliant real-life story.

This new section aims to complement the curriculum and what children are studying in school: from History, to English and STEM subjects and more. We hope that telling the stories of exceptional individuals in the classic Storytime format will make them accessible to young readers and bring some new interest to the subjects.

But there’s more! We want these stories to do is inspire our little readers. The featured characters were once kids with talents and dreams that they dared to follow. We hope that our tales inspire kids to find out what they are passionate about and reach their full potential too! After all, it starts with a dream and some amazing opportunities we all encounter along the way. Join us on these adventures, we hope you will have as much fun discovering who they are as we did choosing them all!

On this note, we should also mention that October 13th was Ada Lovelace day. It commemorates an amazing woman who has been an inspiration for mathematicians and computer programmers for more than a century. Ada was the daughter of the poet Lord Byron – but she is famous in her own right as a truly brilliant mathematician who invented the idea of a computer ‘programme’ even before the first computer had been built!

We are in awe of Ada – and she stars in next month’s issue. Her Awesome Adventures tale is called The Enchantress of Number and we can’t wait to share it with you all! If you are curious already – you can find out more about her and Ada Lovelace Day by following this link here

We will be celebrating Ada’s day in the Storytime HQ, no doubt. In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy spotting some bugs in your garden as much as Charles did!

Happy new stories everyone!