We Are Heroes – Free Mini Magazine

The Storytime team are extremely proud to be collaborating on a prestigious project with Queen Mary University of London, with the creation of the We Are Heroes mini magazine.

Each edition contains carefully chosen stories that have parallels to experiences of lockdown that children could be facing – such as staying at home or protecting yourself – with additional activities produced in consultation with a children’s mental health expert.

We hope it gives children a creative way of processing the current situation they find themselves in.

We will be adding a new edition of We Are Heroes to this page for 6 months from October through to March, they are free for anybody to download, read and share.

We Are Heroes is part of an extremely important research project funded by The British Academy that aims to mitigate the educational, social and mental health impacts of Covid-19 on children.

Download each magazine by clicking on the cover image:


We Are Heroes issue 6

Facing Challenges – featuring Theseus & the Minotaur and Odysseus & The Cyclops

We Are Heroes issue 5

Caring for Others – featuring The Friendly Lion & Hercules and the Stinky Foot

We Are Heroes issue 4

Families together and apart – featuring The Battle for Troy & Romulus and Remus

We Are Heroes issue 3

Staying home, staying safe – featuring Persephone & the Seasons, Town Mouse & Country Mouse

We Are Heroes issue 2

Be kind and keep clean – featuring King Midas and The Lion & the Mouse

We Are Heroes issue 1

Protecting yourself and others – featuring Pegasus and Perseus & Medusa

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