Environmental Policy

Storytime Environmental Policy

We care about our customers and we care about the planet too. Everything we do at Storytime magazine begins with acting responsibly and ethically, because we believe that sustainability and protecting the earth’s resources are key. It is ingrained in everything we do. As a result, Storytime is printed on Forest Stewardship Council/FSC-certified paper, which comes from well-managed forests. We also work hard throughout our supply chain to minimise waste and excess, and we conduct annual reviews.

In line with this, we also print Storytime on high-quality, thick paper stock. We didn’t want to make something that children look at for an hour and then throw away. We deliberately designed Storytime to be kept, read and cherished forever.

In our studio, we also operate a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle policy. When we print (which we do as little as possible), we use 100% recycled paper. We also use green cleaning products, low-energy light bulbs and recycle as much office waste as we can, using First Mile. We are committed to constantly reviewing our business practices as a publisher and we strive to be as environmentally responsible as possible. Doing things the right way is an important part of our story.

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