True-Life Tales!

True-life tales


Two years ago, we introduced a new section to Storytime: Awesome Adventures! They tell the true tales of kids who grew up to change the world. If the responses to our surveys are any indication, you are enjoying these stories very much! These tales are apparently among your favourite reads, so we thought you might like to know how and why we create them.

The Inspiration

The Storytime team loves fiction (of course!), but we also believe that amazing stories come from real life. There are lots of awesome people in history with fascinating stories to tell, and our readers are always looking for more factual content in the magazine. Writing biographical tales about inspiring individuals seemed to be the natural next step!


There are plenty of books about famous people out there for little ones, but they often just retell the basic facts of a famous person’s life in a kid-friendly way. We quickly decided that we didn’t want to create encyclopaedia-like articles. Instead, we wanted to discover what these people were like before they became famous… and what inspired, them to change the world! That’s why we decided to write fun stories about the real childhoods of famous people…


We were determined to include interesting people (and even animals!) of all kinds, from many different places and eras. Awesome Adventures tales have been written about scientists and engineers, activists and artists, historical characters, and sportspeople. We hope that these stories will open our readers’ minds to new ideas, experiences and possibilities.

How Do We Create Amazing Adventures?

Coming up with a fun and informative tale based on a real life can be a challenge! Writing each story takes a lot of research, and online sources usually aren’t enough. We go through in-depth biographies look for material for compelling and child-friendly stories!


In some cases, the stars of our tales have written books about their own childhoods, which is invaluable. (Temple Grandin, Nelson Mandela, Nadia Comaneci, and Billie Jean King have written excellent books about themselves, for example – we recommend them!)


But what about people who lived a long time ago? When writing about Alexander the Great, Confucius, Leonardo Da Vinci and William Shakespeare, we find out as much as we can about their upbringing and use what we know to form the ‘skeleton’ of a story, and then use our imaginations to fill in some gaps. We include as many of the facts as we possibly can when crafting these tales, though!


What we want to create are tales that inform, inspire and entertain, all at once. We hope that by telling kids about the childhoods of people who went on to accomplish great things, they will be inspired to follow their own dreams and make a difference. After all, every amazing person was once a kid… just like them!


And here are five reasons why real-life tales are good subjects to share with young readers:

1. They provide new perspectives!

Learning about someone’s else experiences can give kids new ideas about how to deal with the challenges they face.

2. Our heroes or heroines were once kids – just like them!

This can inspire young readers to follow their own dreams and unlock their own potential!

3. Life is an awesome adventure!

Awesome Adventures are set in the real world, with no spells or enchanted creatures, but that doesn’t mean that wonderful things can’t happen to us!

4. These stories teach history and geography in a fun and approachable way!

We travel far back in time and cross many miles to tell these tales! They can introduce readers to new places, cultures and time periods through the eyes of a child like them.

5. We never forget life lessons!

Real-life stories are a cool way to learn relatable lessons. The main characters in these stories faced many challenges and overcame them – and so can your children!


We hope you have fallen in love with our Amazing Adventures section! Which one was your favourite, who would you like to see featured in this section in the future? We would love to hear from you, so get in touch and keep looking out for inspiration… it’s everywhere!