Issue 94 – Bastet-Goes-Missing

Issue 94 – Bastet Goes Missing

Bastet Goes Missing


Bastet Goes Missing is an ancient Egyptian myth about a cat-goddess who runs away from home. This pack is about Bastet, other Egyptian gods and goddesses, and the fascinating culture of ancient Egypt!  Find out about mythology, hieroglyphics, the river Nile, pyramids and more.

You can download it here.

Lesson ideas for Literacy, History, Geography, Art, Mental Health & Wellbeing
Class Discussion Sheet
Reading Comprehension Sheet
Storyboards & Cards, Story Sequencing & Character Sheets
The Pyramid of Storytelling!
Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
Purrfect Fun Facts!
Crack the Code & Name Those Objects!
The Power of the Nile
Your Pet God/Goddess
Dress Up Bastet