Storytime Issue 38 is Out Now!

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There’s something special about our autumn issues and Storytime Issue 38 is no exception. The nights drawing in, the temperatures dropping. They both add up to one wonderful thing: snuggling up and reading stories together. At this time of year, Storytime magazine really comes into its own.

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Our stunning Firebird by Anne-Marie Hugot.

But we know that most people don’t have a cosy, crackling fire. For that reason, in Storytime Issue 38, we’ve brought you fire in the form of the famous Russian fairy tale, The Firebird. It’s illustrated by one of our favourite illustrators, Anne-Marie Hugot. This fairy tale has it all: a mythical creature, a talking horse, a courageous archer, a clever princess, a wicked tsar and lots of magical moments. A fiery, fantastic fairy tale to warm your heart.

For our fable, we’ve updated Aesop’s The Boy and the Filberts. We’ve put a fun, modern spin on it in The Sweetie Jar. Lu Green provides our cute and colourful illustrations.

Alphabet Zoo returns and, this time, Bonnie and Boo want you to meet animals beginning with the letter M. There are macaws, mara, marmosets and, of course, very funny meerkats! Tim Budgen‘s illustrations are as wonderful as ever. Plus, don’t forget to download our free Alphabet Zoo Activity Pack with Poster!

As it’s October, we had to sneak in a Halloween story. Three Little Witches by Polly Owen features a troll, a giant and a goblin, and is sure to entertain you. Polly hasn’t been well lately, so we hope that seeing her story in print will help speed up her recovery. Spooky illustrations are by Kathryn Durst.

Still on a Halloween theme, we’ve got a special Mexican myth, which explains the origins of the Day of the Dead flower. The Flower and the Hummingbird is a surprisingly sweet story. Barbara Brun created the bright and cheerful illustrations.

Our fabulous folktale in Storyteller’s Corner is hundreds of years old. King of the Cats has a great twist in its feline tail. It’s illustrated in a gorgeous retro style by Maria Laura Brenlla.

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Find out how Friar Tuck joined Robin Hood’s Merry Men. Illustrated by John Joven.

It’s been a while since people’s hero Robin Hood featured in our magazine. In Storytime Issue 38 we tell the tale of when Robin Hood and Friar Tuck met each other. It ends with a splash! We were delighted to work with illustrator John Joven again on this.

Finally, we’ve got the classic poem Mr Nobody by Elizabeth Prentiss. You might remember this from your own childhood. Kids love this poem as it provides the perfect excuse for the mess and chaos they often leave in their wake! Lisa Sheehan provided the gorgeous illustrations. Make sure you drop by again next week, as Lisa will be answering questions for our regular Illustrator Interview.

We work hard every month to find the perfect mix of stories for you, so we hope we’ve got Storytime Issue 38 just right. Let us know your favourite stories or if there’s anything you’d like to see more of on our social media channels. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Keep snuggling and keep reading!