Storytime Issue 41 Is Here!

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What better way to kick off 2018 than with another amazing Storytime issue?

Packed with super stories, outstanding illustrations, puzzles, activities, book recommendations and a game, Storytime Issue 41 is out now. Gracing our cover, we have Snow White and Rose Red – two of the most tolerant heroines ever to star in a fairy tale. You’ll see why when you read it. Without further ado, take a look inside and meet our amazing creative collaborators. Adventure awaits you!

Inside Storytime Issue 41

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Snow White and Rose Red befriend the world’s snuggliest bear in Storytime 41! Art by Patrycja Fabicka.

As mentioned, this month’s cover and fairy tale is Snow White and Rose Red – and it’s not the story you think it is, even though it features a dwarf. Snow White isn’t even the same Snow White – all the more reason to read it if you don’t know it already! The tale is beautifully illustrated by Patrycja Fabicka.

Our first poem in the issue is The Months by Christina Rossetti. This is a fantastic rhyme for discovering the months and the seasons, so it’s ideal for home learning and schools. We’ve even put together a free Teaching Resource Pack packed with brilliant month-themed activities, all linked to the curriculum. If you’re a Storytime school subscriber, you’ll get it automatically. We hope you enjoy it and the super-cool illustrations by Tuomas Ikonen.

Baby Elephant is a new story by writer Christine Kelly. Christine is a former midwife, but confesses she has never had to deliver a baby elephant! Nowadays, Christine spends her time writing stories and plays for young people, and is a volunteer reader at a local school. We hope you like the twist in this sweet tale and the cute illustrations by Roisin Hahessy.

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Wonderful art by Mei Mo for our Chinese zodiac story, The Emperor’s Race

To coincide with Chinese New Year, Storytime Issue 41’s myth is The Emperor’s Race. It’s the story of how the Chinese zodiac came to be and how the order of the twelve animals was chosen. We’ve put together a Chinese Zodiac Sheet, which you can pick up from our Free Downloads page so young readers can find out which Chinese zodiac animal they are. Are you like your animal? The gorgeous artwork for this story is by Mei Mo.

Our Famous Fable in Storytime Issue 41, The King of the Frogs, tells of a bored posse of frogs who decide to badger the big guy (Jupiter) for a new boss to lead and entertain them. As in all good fables, things don’t go as expected and Jupiter has a lesson teach. Be careful what you wish for? We wished for stunning illustrations for this story and we got them, courtesy of Hugo Cuellar. We won’t give away too much, but there’s a big bird that blew us away.

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Jack takes on the world in Storytime Issue 41, with brilliant illustrations by Glenn Thomas

More wondrous artwork came our way thanks to Glenn Thomas, who illustrated our funny folktale, Strong Jack. Poor old Jack is determined to prove he’s the strongest in the world, but the elements are against him in this tale that’s as old and strong as the hills. It’s also a good starting point for discussing the opposites weak and strong.

Tales of strength continue in this issue’s Around the World Tale from Fiji. It brings you the ultimate underwater battle – teeth versus tentacles – as the Shark God challenges the Octopus God. Who do you think will win? This story is another visual feast with bright and bold artwork by Tony Ganem. This story also inspired us to come up with a new board game. Read the story first, then re-enact it with your own Shark versus Octopus battle in the back of the magazine! You can Download our free Game Counters here. Let us know who takes the ocean crown!

Finally, can you believe we’ve reached letters Q and R in our Alphabet Zoo poetry series already? This month, your zoo trip features smily quokkas, laid-back red pandas, majestic rhinos and rocking rattlesnakes. As ever, the animals have been created by none other than – Tim Budgen. Don’t forget to download your free Alphabet Zoo Pack, which has extra animal facts, activities and posters.


It doesn’t matter how grey and gloomy it is outside, you can always guarantee a rainbow of colour and armchair adventure galore in Storytime… and Storytime Issue 41 is no exception!

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