Storytime Issue 98 Out Now!


Summer is over and Autumn is on the way. Longer evenings mean… more hours in which to read Storytime in bed! Ever wondered what characters and creatures are up to at night? Read on and you will find out! Our October issue is full of magic goings-on and funny stories that happen on these long Autumn nights… while we are all asleep! We have a story for every occasion, and one or two might even be true! Join us to uncover what makes issue 98 super-special!


Storytime Issue 98 – Night time is story time!


You know it will be fun when there’s a super hero teddy leading the way! In Night Bear Strikes Again!, the furry champion and his sidekick Night Cub go into action to save Dream City and show how much fun night-time adventures can be! But was it real or just a dream? One thing is for certain: Raitan Ohi’s awesome illustrations will leave you wishing you were there, too!


What else comes out at night? Bats – and bats can be good friends! They keep princess Leutogi company when she feels homesick – and as we know, real friends are there for you when you need them most. The Bat Goddess is a gorgeous myth from the Pacific Islands, brought to life by Bea Tormo’s pencils!


The Midnight Cake Thief is about what happens when a hare gets invited to a feast and plays playing a prank on his friend, the baboon! Follow the crumbs and laugh with the funny animals in this tale! Mikhail Dunakovskiy’s lovely art adds lots of humour to this African animal fable!


In times of conflict, people look for inspiring leaders – and The Unexpected Heroine is about a real person whose bravery and leadership made a difference when her country was invaded. Young Joan faces her fears to fight for what she believes in – and Adam Pękalski brings the Middle Ages to life through his gorgeous and detailed work!


The creatures of land and sky also go to war in The Willow-Wren and the Bear – all because a bear insulted the willow-wren’s chicks! Rodolfo de Melo did a brilliant job of playing with proportion to depict creatures great and small together, and his illustrations make it an endearing tale for all ages!


Ever wondered what cats get up to when they go out wondering? So do we! The Cat’s Elopement follows two furry felines as they venture into the city and have unexpected adventures. We love all the details and the characters in Monika Suska’s fun art, too!


Put on your magic hat and join a brave hero on a quest in the fairy tale of Leander and the Red Cap. If you are a good and kind reader, you might even be allowed to visit the Kingdom of Delight! We are happy to know that kindness and friendship always save the day – and Martina Naldi’s bold illustrations make sure we won’t forget this lesson either!


And lastly, we have our special bedtime story… about bedtime! The problem is, it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when you are a giant in a land of little people. That’s the problem facing shipwrecked sailor Lemuel in Bedtime for Gulliver. Jacqueline Nicolau had great fun creating the illustrations for this story – and it really shows!


We hope you aren’t feeling sad that summer is almost over, because there is much fun to be had in Autumn… and this issue will get you in the mood for Halloween! It is full of treats, after all. Start getting cosy and get ready for the most wonderful adventures – out now!


Happy reading,

The Storytime team