Storytime Issue 33 Is Out Now!

Story time Issue 33, kids magazine subscriptions, best bedtime stories for kids, magazine subscriptions for kids, golden gooseNew issue week is always hugely exciting in the Storytime studio. We finally get to see the fruits of our labour – months of research, planning, writing, editing, proofing, commissioning, designing and general tinkering. But it’s when our magazine also lands with the most important people of all – our amazing readers. We hope you’ll all enjoy Storytime Issue 33 and our most glittering cover yet!

Inside Storytime Issue 33

Firstly, Storytime Issue 33 features The Golden Goose, a classic fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm. It’s a great chain tale with lots of interesting lessons and huge fun to read aloud. Olga Demidova provided the brilliant sparkly cover and story illustrations.

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Flamingos fandango in Alphabet Zoo, Storytime Issue 33, with art by Tim Budgen.

Our regular poetry series Alphabet Zoo returns, this time with adorable fennec foxes, flamingos doing the fandango and the fossa. Now there’s an interesting beast! Regular Alphabet Zoo illustrator, Tim Budgen gave us a marvellous menagerie, as usual. We hope he approves of our Alphabet Zoo-inspired Flamingo Bingo in the back of the issue!

Half a Blanket is a sweet Irish folk tale, as old as the hills, about familial loyalty and love. It might bring a tear to your eye at the end. At the very least, it should make you want to read stories under a blanket. Our favourite activity! The lovely illustrations for this are by Rosario Battiloro.

Next up, The Dancing Monkeys – a funny fable, inspired by Aesop, which is sure to entertain young readers. It’s illustrated by Zhanna Mendel. Zhanna’s an old hand at Storytime fables, as she also illustrated The Crab Walk in Storytime Issue 24.

For lovers of heroes and heroines, we have Romulus and Remus. It’s an ancient myth about the origins of the city of Rome, with glorious golden eagles, a pink wolf and incredible details by illustrator Emilio Darlun.

It’s been a while since we featured a nursery rhyme, so we’re pleased to include Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son. Like all good rhymes, it’s full of energy and silliness. It’s also perfect for singing or even dancing along to. The colourful illustrations are by Genie Espinosa.

The Frog and the Condor is a story from Peru. Condors aren’t the prettiest of birds and this one is a real baddie, kidnapping a llama keeper (llamherdess?) called Morning Star. The unexpected hero of this story is a little frog who lacks confidence. Weird and wonderful illustrations are provided by Sebastian Baculea.

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A lovely leopard story by Beatriz Poyton, illustrated by Junior Caramez.

Last, but by no means least in Storytime Issue 33, is a brand new story called The Leopard that Lost her Spots by Beatriz Poyton. Not only is it a great tale with amazing illustrations from Junior Caramez, but Beatriz was just 12 years old when she submitted it. I’m going to blog about Beatriz next week, so do come back and read it. She is an inspiration.

As ever, we hope you enjoy sharing the stories and rhymes in Storytime Issue 33 at home or in the classroom – or wherever the mood takes you!

If you’re a teacher, librarian or home educator, look out for your free resource pack, which should be landing soon. It’s all about The Golden Goose.

If you’re a home subscriber, do check out our latest Alphabet Zoo activity pack and factsheet, which is designed around the animals in Storytime Issue 33, plus there are more free downloads here! We’re adding new printables all the time.

If you don’t subscribe already, you have no idea how many great stories, illustrations and activities your kids are missing! But, never fear, it’s easy to become part of the Storytime gang. In fact, it only takes a few moments to subscribe!


Wishing you a month of happy storytimes!