Storytime Issue 72 Out Now!


If you’re anything like us, the weather might be getting on top of you at the moment – but what better way to chill out than by relaxing in a cool place and reading the latest issue of Storytime? As it happens, most of this magazine’s tales involve the weather in some way… from tropical heat to fierce storms!


Storytime Issue 72 –  Feeling the Heat

At the moment we can all sympathise with the hero of Brazilian folktale The Story of the Yara. Living in a city by the Amazon river, he seeks to escape the heat by taking a dip in a quiet forest pool – which is where a creature called the Yara lurks! The lush artwork of Lucas Reis will make you feel the humid heat of the tropical night!

The Sunchild is about a young girl who must work as a servant in the mansion of the sun – and I’m sure that anyone who has been spending time outdoors recently would be able to identify with her predicament! David Sierra’s illustrations really capture the spirit of this Greek tale.

This Scottish snack goes on the run – will it be a case of ‘out of the frying pan, into the fire’?

The Wee Bannock is about another character who is desperate to escape the heat – in this case, the heat of a frying pan in an elderly Scottish couple’s kitchen! He goes on the run and has a great old time until he comes to a river and a sly fox… The art by Tel Coelho brings this Celtic take on the story of the runaway gingerbread man a life of its own!

The Lion Fairy and the Frog, beautifully illustrated by the talented Vanessa Morales, does not centre around the weather – but it is a storm that leads to the heroine’s carriage crashing in a forest, after which she is captured by the titular Lion Fairy. This story has many of the ingredients of a classic fairy tale (a frog, dragon, a prince, a princess in distress) but mixes them up in a unique and magical way.

When New Zealand’s mighty volcanoes clash in The War of the Mountains, that leads to eruptions, earthquakes, and of course mighty storms! It takes a special artist to illustrate a story this epic – but Andrès Felipe Rodriguez Rodriguez is up to the challenge.

Unsurprisingly, the weather plays a big part in our cover story, Hiro and the Storm. Originally created to celebrate the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan (sadly postponed), this is an action-packed mini-epic in which four animals must team up to escape a typhoon and get to safety. It’s worth reading for Miru Kim’s unbelievably cute character designs alone!

Some visitors fly over to Storyland, bringing a mysterious wind with them.

The Storylanders find their sleep disturbed by unusual weather in The Mysterious Wind – a story illustrated and written by the redoubtable Giorgia Broseghini. Jack (of ‘and the Beanstalk’ fame) goes in search of what caused it and encounters… well, we don’t want to spoil any surprises, but he does meet some guest stars from Neverland! We should note that this will be the last Storyland tale, but all the favourite fairy tale characters we love will continue to appear in a new section. Called ‘Short Stories, Big Dreams’, it will feature short but sweet stories that make ideal bedtime reading.

Well not everything in this issue is about weather – see if you can guess what By Evaleen Stein’s poem Pop-corn is about! Illustrated in style by Thiago Cerca it’s a fun start to this issue! A bowl of popcorn could make a nice snack in this weather…so we have given you some special recipes to download too!

Next month it’s our very special 6th Anniversary issue! There will be some new sections, a new competition and lots of special features for our lovely readers! We hope you will love it – but in the meantime enjoy the latest issue of Storytime and chill!