Storytime Issue 79 Out Now!


Here at Storytime, we love stories with all kinds of heroes – but tales that star animals have a special place in our heart (and we know that many of our readers agree!) In some ways, it is easier to identify with an animal than a human character!


The latest issue of Storytime is full of fun animal characters of all kinds. Be sure to let us know which one is your favourite!


Storytime Issue 79 – The Magic of Animals!

Animals are great subjects for fables, and The Eagle and the Kite is no exception! It’s about an eagle and the various birds who ask to marry her. Floriane Mohr really brings the flock of feathery suitors to life. This story could start an interesting discussion about the many species of birds and the ways that they differ from each other.


Animal characters are a mainstay of fairy tales too, with foxes being particularly popular. They can be heroic tricksters or cunning villains. Old Mother Fox in The Boy Who Opened the Door definitely falls into the latter category, and artist Wandson Rocha manages to imbue her with a lot of personality.


Villainous wolves are also fairy tale staples – but this month’s Short Stories, Sweet Dreams tale shows that they can change their ways! The wonderful Giorgia Broseghini illustrated The Big Bad Snore, which features a wolf who has discovered the joys of vegetarianism but still manages to cause some noise in the neighbourhood.


There is a lot more animal adventure to discover in our Around the World Tale. The Monkey’s Heart stars a monkey and his toothy ‘friend’, a shark! Would you join a shark for dinner? No spoilers here – but the monkey had to think fast! Romont Willy obviously enjoyed rendering these two, as you can see when looking at his gorgeous artwork.


Stories about talking animals are all very well, but tales about ordinary animals can be just as much fun! Esther Diana did her research by going to the park and observing pups at play before illustrating The Best Day Ever! Her art does a lovely job of showing the world from a dog’s eye view and captures the main character’s unstoppable optimism. A good reminder that every day can really be the best day ever!


The leading animals give a little space to two awesome girls. Our fairy tale, The Pirate Princess, is about a rebellious princess who goes on adventures on the high seas, though her parrot does make a cameo appearance! The awesome pirate crew adventures came to life with artwork by Patrycja Fabicka.


The next lady in this issue is The Unstoppable Girl, the real-life artist and icon Frida Kahlo. Rocio Denarmen does an amazing job of capturing the magic of Frida’s life and art in the tale’s illustrations.


And finally, illustrator Monica Paola Rodrigues brings the beauty of Yosemite Valley to the page in The Guardian of Yosemite. This Native American story is about one of California’s most beautiful landmarks. Reading this touching tale is almost as good as visiting it in person!


What is your favourite animal story ever? And which animals do you think should star in future Storytime issues? Let us know below – it may well inspire us to create new tales!