Storytime Issue 119 Out Now!

Summer reading

Stories That Make a Splash!

As the school doors close, endless summer adventures await! This month, we’re diving into a world where magic is in the air and the sea. Are you ready for Storytime’s summer issue? We promise lots of tales you won’t forget!


The Dolphin

Our first tale features a dolphin unlike any other! What makes him special, I hear you ask? He can talk, for one thing… In the story The Dolphin, our cover star rescues a squabbling prince and princess in distress and teaches them the true meaning of teamwork and bravery. Dago Baute’s mesmerizing art is a portal into the dolphin’s magnificent submarine realm…




Summer reading The Bridge of FishesWe keep the excitement flowing with a story from our Around the World Tales section. In this amazing tale, fish friends get together to help a Korean hero by creating The Bridge of Fishes. The stunning illustrations by Alex Nguyen bring this amazing sight to life, teaching us that even the smallest creatures can make the biggest difference.




Summer reading King Knut and the Tide

The sea holds many secrets, and its untamed power can teach wisdom to even the greatest kings. That’s the theme of King Knut and the Tide. Pamela Wehrhahne illustrates it in fabulous style, bringing humour to this famous story of a grumpy king who gives is flattering courtiers a lesson in humility!





Summer reading Weighing an Elephant

An elephant also makes waves in this issue! Weighing the Elephant is a fable set in China, and he is floated in a boat to see how heavy he is! The very talented Thais Mesquita illustrates a journey of discovery, where a young boy uses observation and logic to uncover the secrets of the world…





The Mulch Fairy

On firmer ground, the Mulch Fairy flutters into our hearts as she shares the joy of planting trees and bonding with members of your community. This story is a tribute to all the volunteers who make our neighbourhoods bloom with kindness and care. Silvia Biondi gives it a whimsical touch with her delicate brushes!




As night falls, it’s time for a bedtime story that brings a classic fairy tale to life. The musicians of Bremen have hung up their instruments and opened the cosiest inn in town, serving up the tastiest breakfast you can imagine. Dante Guerino’s  turned every page into a feast for the eyes, as vibrant as the meals are delicious!




This month’s myth will transport you deep into the underworld of Aztec legend, and Daniela Martin Del Campo’s art gives it a vibrant and unmistakable Mexican feel. The Opossum and the Secret of Fire is an adventure story that features, rich colours, a bold and unique visual style and an unforgettable furry hero!





We wrap up this issue by celebrating the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a woman whose determination and grace have inspired countless girls to chase their dreams. Her Mother’s Daughter, illustrated beautifully by Aleksandra Szmidt, will leave you feeling empowered and ready to make your own mark on the world!




We’re eager to find which story will become your summer favourite! And remember, there’s another stunning issue waiting for you next month. Whether you’re splashing in a pool, the sea, or just a bubbly bath, we hope also enjoy plunging into these wonderful tales! Happy reading.