50 Stories to Read Before You’re 10

50 Stories to Read Before You're 10, Storytime magazine, kids magazine subscriptions, UK's only story magazine, best stories for kidsTo celebrate our 50th Storytime issue, we’re not only running an awesome 50-Word Story writing competition for kids (find out more here), we’ve also put together a definitive guide, which reveals the ultimate library of 50 stories to read before you’re 10. The shortlist comprises folk tales, fairy tales, myths, legends, fables, and stories from around the world.

We selected these 50 stories from over 350 tales we’ve published in Storytime in the last four years. They made the cut for a number of reasons. Some are classics or come with great moral lessons. Others are packed with subtle but clever devices that aid early literacy skills, such as repetition, rhythm, interesting vocabulary or inspiring characters. Several teach children about different cultures, and some are just funny. (Never underestimate the power of funny stories.) In short, they’re all fantastic stories – the kind you’ll remember and cherish forever.

Our full guide is divided into different types of stories, from fairy tales to myths and legends, and comes with a brief explanation for why we’ve carefully considered and chosen each story. You can download it here.

If you’ve missed any of these 50 stories in our Storytime issues, the list below shows you what issue they appeared in with a handy link to our Back Issue Shop. We hope you enjoy our selection and take on the challenge to read them to or with your child before they turn 10. Even better, ask them to read all 50 stories to you!



Top 10 Fairy Tales

Storytime, 50 Stories to Read Before You're 10, Fairy Tales, Educational Stories, Three Little Pigs

1. Goldilocks and the Three Bears – Storytime Issue 1 and a new version in Issue 49

2. Cinderella – Storytime Issue 3

3. Hansel and Gretel – Storytime Issue 13

4. Jack and the Beanstalk – Storytime Issue 5

5. Jack the Giant Killer – Storytime Issue 45

6. Three Little Pigs – Storytime Issue 6

7. The Three Billy Goats Gruff – Storytime Issue 10

8. Little Red Hen – Storytime Issue 47

9. The Emperor’s New Clothes – Storytime Issue 30

10. The Gingerbread Man – Storytime Issue 2

Top 10 Fables

50 Stories to Read Before You're 10, Storytime, storytime magazine, magazine subscriptions for kids, educational stories

1. The Tortoise and the Hare – Storytime Issue 1

2. The Lion and the Mouse – Storytime Issue 2

3. The Dog and his Bone – Storytime Issue 3

4. The Four Harmonious Animals – Storytime Issue 4

5. The Wind and the Sun – Storytime Issue 12

6. The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Storytime Issue 14

7. The Blind Friends and the Elephant – Storytime Issue 16

8. The Crow and the Pitcher – Storytime Issue 19

9. The Goat and the Fox – Storytime Issue 30

10. Little Mouse Makes Friends – Storytime Issue 42

Top 10 Myths and Legends

Pegasus, myths for kids, Greek myths, Storytime, Story magazine, magazine subscriptions for kids, 50 Stories to Read Before You're 10

1. The Midas Touch – Storytime Issue 8

2. Hercules and the Lion – Storytime Issue 24

3. Pegasus the Winged Horse – Storytime Issue 32

4. Thor’s Stolen Hammer – Storytime Issue 3

5. Finn MacCool – Storytime Issue 7

6. The Sword in the Stone – Storytime Issue 13

7. Robin Hood and the Silver Arrow – Storytime Issue 9

8. Cupid and Psyche – Storytime Issue 17

9. White Buffalo Calf Woman – Storytime Issue 34

10. Ganesha the Elephant God – Storytime Issue 25

Top 10 Folk Tales

Leprechaun, Storytime, kids magazine subscriptions, magazine subscriptions for kids, storytime, 50 stories to read before you're 10

1. Lazy Jack – Storytime Issue 9

2. Stone Soup – Storytime Issue 11

3. The Wish Fish – Storytime Issue 17

4. The Clever Carpenter – Storytime Issue 43

5. The Three Wishes – Storytime Issue 3

6. Elidor and the Golden Ball – Storytime Issue 30

7. Half a Blanket – Storytime Issue 33

8. The Farmer and the Boggart – Storytime Issue 8

9. Jack and the Leprechaun – Storytime Issue 31

10. The Green Children of Woolpit – Storytime Issue 26

Top 10 Around the World Tales

Wolf Lullaby, Storytime, kids magazine subscriptions, magazine subscriptions for kids, 50 stories to read before you're 10

1. Anansi and the Turtle – Storytime Issue 4

2. The Rainbow Snake – Storytime Issue 5

3. The Mouse Merchant – Storytime Issue 8

4. The Polar Bear Son – Storytime Issue 16

5. Wolf Lullaby – Storytime Issue 25

6. The Four Dragons – Storytime Issue 10

7. Nana Miriam and the Hippo – Storytime Issue 34

8. The Bear and the Trolls – Storytime Issue 27

9. Zuleika’s Gift- Storytime Issue 47

10. The Flower and the Hummingbird – Storytime Issue 38


Of course, we promise you many more fantastic stories to come. Bedtime stories, educational stories, cuddle-up stories, circle-time stories, stories to share with classmates and friends. Stories to make you think, help you escape, ignite your imagination, give you a new understanding of the world around you, empower you, enable you or change you. At Storytime, we believe that stories have that power.

Make sure you download our full 50 Stories to Read Before You’re 10 pack and enjoy ticking them off as you read them.

Happy reading!