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Make it your New Year’s resolution to help your kids become confident readers. Storytime Issue 41 will give you the best possible start. It’s packed with beautifully illustrated stories, including Snow White and Rose Red, a Chinese zodiac legend, the Shark God of Fiji, funny frogs and more! Plus poems, puzzles and educational activities. Subscribe today!

  • Snow White and Rose Red
  • Strong Jack
  • King of the Frogs
  • Alphabet Zoo
  • The Emperor’s Race
  • The Shark God
  • The Months – a poem by Christina Rossetti
  • Baby Elephant

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Out 7th

Storytime Issue 42 is packed with excitement – go dinosaur spotting, swim to a secret realm in a tale from Africa, enjoy the Greek myth Echo and Narcissus, sing along with the fairies in a legend from Ireland, make friends with a mouse, search for three golden hairs and meet camels, skunks and sloths! Join the adventure today!