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Ahoy there, story lovers! Climb aboard Storytime Issue 30 and sail the story seas with our hero Alfie the Pirate. We’ll be dropping anchor at Alphabet Zoo to meet animals beginning with the letter B, playing football in Fairyland with Elidor, travelling to Ancient Greece for a magical myth, flying kites, and admiring the Emperor’s New Clothes!

  • NEW STORY! Alfie the Pirate
  • Alphabet Zoo
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes
  • Elidor and the Golden Ball
  • The Statue that Came to Life
  • The Goat and the Fox
  • King Dirty Feet
  • The Little Kite
  • And WIN BOOKS!

Next Month's Storytime

8th March

There’s so much to look forward to in Storytime Issue 31, including classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, an Irish leprechaun story for St Patrick’s Day, a Norse myth starring Thor, a terrible tiger, foolish otters, Wordsworth’s Daffodils and a jungle roller disco! And you’re invited! Make sure you subscribe now to get it in time!