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Another magical issue– it’s Storytime 39! Meet guinea pig chefs in the classic fairy tale Dwarf Longnose, the fastest snail in the world in a story from Laos, and orangutans in Alphabet Zoo. Plus, a Norse myth, a clever rabbit, a fairy dog, a poem about the moon, the friendliest giant ever, puzzles and a game! Join the adventure!

  • Dwarf Longnose
  • The Great Snail Race
  • The Fairy Dog
  • The Lion and the Rabbit
  • Loki’s Greatest Trick
  • The Jobless Giant
  • The Moon
  • Alphabet Zoo

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Out 6th

Ho, ho, ho! It’s Storytime Issue 40 – our Christmas special. Packed with beautiful, illustrated versions of ’Twas the Night Before Christmas, a Frost Fairies fairy tale, Robin Redbreast’s yule adventure, little donkey’s fable, penguins and polar bears in Alphabet Zoo, Babe the Blue Ox, Aladdin and a hairy snowman! Subscribe Today to one of the UK’s best childrens magazines!