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This month, Storytime Issue 44 is looping the loop into our readers’ laps thanks to our cover star Sammy the Stunt Hamster. Inside, find out how the tortoise got its shell, discover how the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle came to be, meet a clever princess, adventure with an Aztec god and laugh at Mr and Mrs Vinegar. Plus poems, puzzles and more!

  • Sammy the Stunt Hamster
  • Tortoise’s New Home
  • The Feathered Serpent God
  • Hey Diddle Diddle
  • Clever Amaradevi
  • Mr and Mrs Vinegar
  • Who Likes the Rain?
  • Alphabet Zoo

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Out 9th

Watch out giants! Jack the Giant Killer stars in Storytime Issue 45, along with playful pixies, mischievous monkeys and a cantankerous cobbler. Plus we’re celebrating a royal birthday, dreaming of mermen and pirates, and digging up a secret in the Egyptian desert! It’s also our last ever Alphabet Zoo. Don’t miss it, subscribe today!