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Make sure you read the original Beauty and the Beast fairytale before you watch the film! Plus, we’ve got the Norse god Thor, a leprechaun story for St Patrick’s Day, a terrible tiger, a disco crocodile, foolish otters, more fun at Alphabet Zoo, and we’re celebrating spring with Wordsworth’s classic poem, Daffodils!

  • Beauty and the Beast
  • NEW STORY! Crocodile’s Silver Suit
  • Thor’s Duel
  • Alphabet Zoo
  • The Terrible Tiger
  • Jack and the Leprechaun
  • The Foolish Otters
  • Daffodils by Wordsworth
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Next Month's Storytime

12th April

Pegasus the Winged Horse soars into the pages of issue 32, which is just as well because there’s a Rampaging Robot on the loose! Also, look out for the big bad wolf, a sparkling diamond, a clever fool, animals friends in Alphabet Zoo, an Aboriginal tale of the very first fire, and our prize-winning poem set under the sea! Dive in, Subscribe today!