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Your new issue of Storytime is packed with action and adventure! Meet the marvellous Monkey King, ride a chariot in ancient Rome, and fly through the air with a talented young gymnast. Plus a gang of Australian animals investigate a great drought, a boy searches for a magical, golden chicken – and find out how to annoy an elephant. Don’t miss out – subscribe today!

  • The Great Drought
  • The Chariot Race
  • The Monkey King
  • The Elephant Who Lost Her Patience
  • Nadia, Who Dreamed of Dancing
  • The Sister of the Sun
  • The Step Sisters
  • The Sea Lord’s Gift

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Out 4th August

Heroes, wizards and adventurers abound in your next issue of Storytime. Sinbad the Sailor sets off on a voyage, Gemma swaps her online games for a real life adventure, Merlin encounters a red dragon, a little hedgehog becomes a hero, and meet the boy who went on to become the Star Man. Join the story fun today!

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