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The vibrant art in this issue give the stories so much life and magic! We enter the colourful world of Vincent Van Gogh’s childhood and the Cheshire Cat helps give Sleeping Beauty’s room a makeover! There’s a Japanese story about brave heroes who battle a wicked giant, the legend of the Thunderbird and some animals become trapped by a flood in the Amazon rainforest. 

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  • Cool as a Capybara
  • White-Thorn and the Talking Bird
  • The Fire Inside
  • The Crystal Ball
  • Second-hand Magic
  • Nanabush and the Thunderbird
  • JoKwa and the Stones of Five Colours
  • The Bat, the Bramble and the Seagull

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Out 5th December

Our Christmas issue is all about empathy. Some wicked imps kidnap Santa, animals make some New Year resolutions with hilarious results, a cat saves a baby and a bird offers gifts to some poor brothers. Imagine life as a toy on Christmas evening, Confucius teaches us to respect and care for one another, a musical donkey steals some cucumbers and a king bring gifts to an old man! Give the gift of stories this Christmas!

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