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The new issue of Storytime is monstrously good fun, packed with incredible creatures both real and imaginary. A little girl makes friends with a Big Green Kraken, Beowulf battles the fearsome Grendel, meet the King of Crocodiles, and discover Mary Anning and her famous sea monsters. Plus The Wasps and the Bees get into an argument, and Captain Hook goes surfing! Don’t miss out – subscribe today!

  • The Big Green Kraken
  • Beowulf and Grendel
  • The Wasps and the Bees
  • The Raspberry Worm
  • The King of Crocodiles
  • The Bone-Hunter
  • Rosanella
  • Hook’s Island

Next Month's Storytime

Out 2nd Jun

Join us next month for some epic journeys as Jason and the Argonauts set off on a quest, a tiger and her cubs search for a new home, and Thumbelina flies through the sky! Plus a lion has a makeover and read about a real life junkyard genius! Get on board today for some story fun.

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