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Storytime Issue 60 is the perfect pick-me-up for your long summer break and will chase away the boredom on rainy days and long journeys! It’s full to the brim with fantastic fairy tales, fables, folk tales, funny new stories and activities too. From the Big Bad Wolf and a Greek sun god to a singing tortoise and a daring girl gamer, we have lots to keep you entertained. Get it now!

  • Mr Wolf’s Candy House
  • Tom Thumb’s Teeny Holiday
  • The Singing Tortoise
  • Level Up
  • Helios and Clytie
  • The Kelpie
  • Clever Sister, Foolish Sister
  • The Sea Shell poem

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Join our 5th birthday celebrations in Storytime Issue 61! Win the chance to see a superhero you’ve created brought to life in a Storytime story, plus Swan Lake, a pirate poodle, Beauty and her magic mirror, a brave raven, Irish fairies, and HM the Queen! Subscribe Today and be part of something special!


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