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Our new issue will take you on adventures into the forest trails with Robin Hood, fly high in a hot air balloon made of bloomers, visit exotic places with Marco Polo and meet a vegetarian dragon. A lazy boy can magic himself into any animal, an African king tries to trick an honest man and meet the cheese thieves in the Netherlands! Travel the world with Storytime today!

  • Robin Hood and his Merry Men
  • High Fliers!
  • Marco’s Epic Journey
  • The Dragon’s Diet
  • The Magic Book
  • The Girl and the Puma
  • The Man Who Told the Truth
  • The Cheese Thieves

Next Month's Storytime

Out 7th June

In next month’s issue we celebrate the wonder of being unique! A colourful bird brings joy to a grey kingdom, a red-haired girl makes friends with the Sun, a shipwrecked monkey is rescued by a dolphin and a king reveals his unusual secret! Plus, a magical story about how the world was created and the true tale of a girl who shares her love of learning! Join in with the fun in Storytime today!

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