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In this issue discover the classic Japanese tale of a one-inch hero with giant-sized courage and how Brer Rabbit tricked an elephant and a whale. Wonder at the childhood of the brave Florence Nightingale and join us on an epic adventure through Norse mythology. A giant goes on a quest to save her mother, Bo Peep’s sheep go to a concert and can grandma milk a stubborn goat?

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  • The Tiny Samurai
  • How Brer Rabbit Fooled the Elephant and the Whale
  • The Courage to Care
  • The Eye of Odin
  • The Pea Blossom
  • The Sheep Factor!
  • The Princess of the Springs
  • Nala and the Nanny Goat

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Out 1st May

In our next issue, a young prince meets a regal and magical Lady Cat and a mysterious wind causes havoc in the woods. Beware the greedy man who tries to steal from the fairies and meet the accidental time-travelling party crasher! A talkative tortoise gets into trouble and the birds have a battle to find out who is king of the skies. Read the captivating and poignant story of Anne who wrote the world’s most famous diary. Discover a world of stories today!

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