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There’s a monster under the bed in Storytime Issue 62, but don’t worry, he’s not scary! Inside this cosy autumnal read, you’ll also find a jewel thief rabbit, a mischievous Irish elf, naughty puppies, migrating geese, Jack and Jill in a new adventure, a dragon, a beautiful Brazilian beetle and Arachne – the original Spiderwoman! Subscribe today and be part of something special!

  • Monster Under the Bed
  • Arachne the Spiderwoman
  • Jack and Jill and the Dragon
  • The Princess’s Stories
  • The Squabbling Siblings
  • How the Beetle Got Its Colourful Coat
  • Something Told the Wild Geese
  • Billy and the Little Man

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Our November issue is packed with stories and activities to help children build their reading confidence and literacy skills. Enjoy classics like Masha and the Bear, get lost in tales from Around the World such as The Magic Carpet, and explore new stories and poems too. Make Storytime your first step in reading for pleasure. Subscribe today!

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