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Our summertime issue is here! A dolphin has the power to connect friends, King Knut teaches his nobles an important lesson and the musicians of Bremen make their home into a hotel! A fairy finds joy in planting trees and a Chinese emperor tries to weigh an elephant! Celebrate the childhood of the pioneering Ruth Bader Ginsburg and dive into the underworld of Aztec legends.

Enjoy a summer of reading today!

  • The Good Hosts of Bremen
  • The Mulch Fairy
  • King Knut and the Tide
  • Weighing the Elephant
  • The Dolphin
  • The Bridge of Fishes
  • Her Mother’s Daughter
  • The Opossum and the Secret of Fire

Next Month's Storytime

Out 7th August

In issue 120, a bear and a fox meet the smartest creature in the world and discover how an African goddess came to rule the seas. Some mischievous goblins are plotting, a sailor sees a strange sight, two kids get transported to another planet and a bold princess makes her fortune. What happened after Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers and learn about Charles Dickens’s childhood in a factory. Dive into Storytime today!

Storytime issue 120

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