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This month we have a very special competition  – write a letter to planet Earth and get it featured in Storytime – find out more here. There are also two brand new sections! You can read real life adventures, starting with the true story of a big-hearted dog who goes to sea, plus mini bedtime stories, where this month Tinker Bell becomes a pirate! All this and your regular dose of fairy tales, myths, legends, and much more! Don’t miss out – make sure you subscribe today!

  • Bamse the Sea Dog
  • The Spellbook
  • Daedalus and Icarus
  • Freddie’s Fabulous First Day!
  • How the First Letter Was Written
  • The War of the Crabs
  • Urashima Taro
  • Tinker Bell and the Forest in the Sky

Next Month's Storytime

Out 7th Oct

In the next issue of Storytime find out what happens when two twins decide to make their own pet in The Incredible Pet Project. Plus there’s the classic Dick Whittington’s Cat, the warrior princess Brunhilde, a conceited stag, and the true story of a boy who loved bugs. All this and much more! Join the fun today!

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