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Don’t miss the new issue of Storytime – it has something for everyone! There’s action with our cover star – warrior princess Mulan, and adventure as Sir Lancelot faces a fearsome foe. We have fairy tale magic in The Incredible Crow, a proud and vain Ape King, a Singing Seamstress and even some dancing with Edith the Inventor and her music machine. Plus Daddy Bear needs a bit of a haircut! Pick up a copy here.

  • Mulan
  • Edith the Inventor
  • The Incredible Crow
  • The Singing Seamstress
  • Sir Lancelot’s Quest
  • Daddy Bear’s Hair
  • The Ape King
  • The Clothes Line

Next Month's Storytime

Out 8th

We’ve got some Llama Pyjama Drama going on in our next issue, plus meet an Egyptian with stylish sandals and a boy with the world’s best hat. Good stories never go out of fashion! Make sure you stay on trend and subscribe today!

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