G’day Australia!


Storytime is launching in Australia!We have some very special news this week! We love sharing the joy of stories all around the world – so it’s extra-exciting to announce that Storytime is going to be launching in Australia!

Our partners are marking this occasion by publishing a special bumper issue – a treasury of tales from Australia and the Pacific. Look out for it if you happen to live in Oz – as the special title will be available for limited time only if you subscribe!


Here is the link: https://storytimemagazine.com.au/


Our Director, Leslie explained, “Australia has a rich culture of storytelling, and a vibrant, varied magazine industry, so we have been eager to see a version of Storytime for Australian readers for a long time. Our publishing partner has a great deal of experience of publishing and distributing magazines that appeal to both parents and schools – so we are confident that with Storytime Australia we will have a big hit on our hands!”


To celebrate this GREAT news, we thought we would share our favourite stories from that corner of the world and take a trip Down Under through our tales!


Aboriginal stories

The Sky Brothers Bring FireStorytime 32

What better way to start than with the Aboriginal tale? A story about how everything started! The siblings of the title come down to Earth to see the wonders of the Australian landscape and the amazing creatures that live there! After their visit, things will never the be the same again! The Aboriginal myths about the origins of Australia have a special magic of their own, and it’s not to be missed!




Maui Goes FishingStorytime 20

Maui is a very famous Māori hero and he has featured in a few of our stories over the years. We chose the first one of all, which is a great introduction to the trickster hero! Across the Tasman Sea lie the islands of New Zealand, which has its own beautiful scenery and wildlife. This Māori myth is about how New Zealand (or Aotearoa) was created, and after reading this one, you might never look at these islands the same way again.



The Shark GodStorytime 41

This short tale is from Fiji, the famous Pacific spot with an amazing sea life! As you may have guessed, it features a rather demanding shark and a battle that will cause waves! Don’t worry, though – the art for this story is bright and lively, and you will love the face off, when the big fish meets his match. It is wonderful to takes the reader on a journey to explore the wonders of the stunning Pacific Ocean!



The Great DroughtStorytime 83

Since we are talking about wild life and animals, we might also remind you all that Australia is home to some of the most unique creatures on Planet Earth! Australia has a rich tradition of animal myths and this is one of our all time favourites! It’s a really funny tale that stars a very greedy frog, but all of the most loved Aussie creatures get a look in – from the koalas and kangaroos to emus and echidnas, not to mention wombats and wallabies. It’s a must-read for wildlife lover!


The Tears of a StarStorytime 40

Our final choice is a sparkling one! This is an enchanting myth from Papua New Guinea, which lies just to the north of Australia. It’s set in a time when everything in the universe could think and speak. Despite its title, this is a tale about a counting competition between a star and the grains of sand on the beach. What makes this endearing and unique is the lovely artwork, which really has to be seen to be believed!


We hope you enjoyed this tour of our favourite tales from Down Under. There are lots more to be discovered, so dive in and let’s explore it together!


PS: You can listen to a special Storytime Australia launch interview with the Storytime team here: https://www.storytimemagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Storytime-Launch-Event.mp3


And if you have friends or family in Australia and are looking to bring some story magic into their lives, make sure you sign up here: https://storytimemagazine.com.au/page/home