Storytime Issue 100 Out Now!

Hurrah for a hundredth!


We believe that our lives are defined by stories – and we’d like to tell you a very special one. Once upon a time, we dreamed about a magazine that had no adverts and no plastic in it, just great stories to read, love and share. We hoped it would encourage kids like you to read for fun and discover the magic of stories. With these 100 magical issues, we have done just that.

Our 100th issue is out now, and it is JAM-PACKED with wonderful stories of magic and adventure!

It only feels like yesterday that we were publishing Storytime issue 1 and introducing readers to the tales of Goldilocks, Aladdin and the Hare and the Tortoise!

‘Reading for fun’ has been our motto from day one… and here we are, eight years and ONE HUNDRED ISSUES later (we have to say it out loud because if feels unreal!), crafting Storytime issues with the same passion we had when we started!

There were many challenges and changes along the way – but we have remained true to our mission of changing the world, one story at a time! We are proud of sharing wonderful tales from cultures around the globe and featuring a fantastic and diverse array of characters. In every issue, you will find characters you identify with and get lost in their stories. Through stories, we learn that we are all uniquely wonderful and that the world is a beautiful place!

We have had many positive experiences when creating Storytime – so many it’s hard to count. There were certainly more than 100!

We are proud to have worked with more than 500 amazing illustrators and authors so far to create fresh and colourful tales. Of course we also have to thank to have printers that bring colour to our world, the mailing team that makes sure each edition flies through your door every month and our whole team that never stops dreaming up new and thrilling tales and making real all the magic that goes on behind the scene . Still, every time we see a new cover and a new story being shared, it feels like the first issue ever!

But what we are most grateful for are OUR READERS! Without you, none of this would be possible. You are the reason we make this magazine – and you are our inspiration! Every child whose eyes have sparkled while reading a story, every reluctant reader that discovered the magic of a good tale, everyone who learned new words and got inspired to write, travel or dream …! It is because of you that we have reached 100 issues, and it is a special moment for us too. It means that there will be thousands and thousands of readers out there that we helped to inspire. And that, my friends, is what Storytime is all about!

Our 100th issue was created with the same love, excitement and wonder that we had when the first issue was created! Though now, Storytime is flying out to many more countries (over 60!) and landing in China, Singapore, Australia and India, among others…. Thanks to our new friends and partners in those countries, our 100th issue is being read in many languages by kids who love stories just as much as you all do!

Storytime Issue 100 – Hurrah for a hundredth!

Now, we take great pleasure in introducing the stories that feature in our very special 100th issue!

Our cover story, Santa’s Little Helper is about a curious owl called Oona, who finds her way into Santa’s factory and causing mayhem. But who can resist the cutest snow owl? Mrs Claus certainly can’t…. and she finds a special way for Oona to bring joy to kids all over the world at Christmas. If you spot Santa flying by with an owl perched on his sleigh… it might be Oona hitching a ride! Artist Gülsah Alçin Özek did a wonderful job of bringing the little owl and Santa’s elves to life in this festive tale.

But who will pull Santa’s sleigh if Rudolph and his reindeer friends get ill? That worrying question is answered in The Replacement Reindeer, which features magical illustrations by Agnieszka Maszota. Santa’s friends from all seasons come to the rescue in this unique and hilarious holiday adventure!

In Italy, when kids look at the sky on Christmas Eve, they’re hoping to spot a broom, not a sleigh. Meet La Befana, also known as the Christmas Witch! Will she leave coal or candy in the stocking of a little boy named Giorgio? You’ll have to read the story to find out! And be
sure to check out the funny art by the talented Federica Tanania.

Nothing gets us into the Christmas spirit like the joyful sound of bells ringing in the night. But what would happen if they suddenly stopped making their music? When the Bells Ring is about two brothers whose kindness brings the sound of the bells back to their city over Christmas, and Elisabeth Clover adds to the magic with her gorgeous illustrations.

Legend of the Evergreen Trees

This month’s fable has a message of kindness and caring, which is very appropriate for his time of year! Legend of the Evergreen Trees tells us how a juniper tree and a spruce give shelter to an injured bird and are given a special reward for showing us all how good it is to be kind. The art by Mirti did an amazing job of turning these trees into lively characters!

If you aren’t feeling the Christmas Spirit just yet, you might want to read A Christmas Dream, which is a retelling of a classic story by Louisa May Alcott. Little Effie is bored with Christmas, until she has a dream that teaches her that sharing is what this season is all about. If you feel this in your heart, there are many things you can do to make this season truly special to someone in need! Of course, we are grateful that the marvellous Lisa Vannini shared her talents with us on this story – you must check out her art!

By now, you must be wondering if all our stories are about the holiday season! Well, this month’s legend certainly isn’t concerned with Christmas – but Aguio and Bulanawan does have a lovely message about peace, brotherly love, and the importance of letting go of anger and reuniting with our loved ones. That is certainly a message we can really relate to the whole year around! The illustrations by Eidvile Viktorija Buozyte complement the story perfectly, as they are full of colour and action.



And lastly, our real-life story is about an inspiring boy who always tried to do the right thing. ‘Moniya Tells the Truth’ is about the childhood of Mahatma Gandhi, who became famous for helping India to gain independence by peaceful means. May it be an inspiration to us now in the New Year and beyond! The artwork of Cimi Pham really brings this lovely story and the Indian colours to life!


This blog is quite a bit longer than usual because we had so much we wanted to share with you. This Christmas, we are thankful for all you wonderful readers, who have made Storytime a success. We hope you will find 100 reasons to love this issue – and look forward to the next one already, in 2023!

A very merry Christmas to one and all from the Storytime team!