Love Your Planet


Here at Storytime, we are committed to taking care of the planet. The Earth is our home, and it only makes sense to care for the place where we live! Protecting our planet from from pollution, ecological damage and climate change allows us to enjoy life here and make sure we pass on a green and pleasant planet to our children, and their children as well. We love the Earth, and we hope you do too!

We have been an environmentally friendly company from the start. We make sure our paper comes from renewable sources, and we have made a commitment to never use plastic packaging or include plastic toys with our products, we send our mag out every month in colourful paper envelopes instead of bagging them.

More than that, we also make sure our stories give the right message to our readers, sharing the love and care for animals, nature and helping to keep this sense of wonder for the only planet we have! (Though it’s true that sometimes, we like to explore other planets too!)


However lately, planet Earth has been suffering from years of neglect and mistreats and we are now VERY aware of our responsibility to care for it. With that in mind, we chose our theme for this year writing competition. We wanted to share the love, and what a better way to do so than with a love letter?

That is why we we created the Letter to Planet Earth competition! Check our on page 48 of our issue 73 for more details or you can read about it here. But before you write your entry, we would like to share a very special pack we’ve prepared for you: the Love Your Planet Activity Pack. It can be downloaded for free here and it is packed with fun facts and lists of little things we can do to make the Earth a healthier and happier place. To make caring for our planet fun too, there are challenges and award badges to cut out.


We would like family and friends to read this pack together and talk about the little eco-friendly changes you can make in your lives. After all, if we all make small changes, we will make a BIG difference. Many of our tips are not only good for our planet, but also help to save money, get exercise, and spend quality time together! Everybody wins!

So get inspired, fall in love with our planet and send us letters to the planet Earth, telling us so. The best letter will be published in Storytime next year, plus there’s a book bundle and a lovely certificate to the winner! And the runner ups will get certificates too!

The Love Your Planet Activity Pack and the competition entry form can be downloaded from

We hope you love it!