Storytime Issue 73 Out Now!


We like to think that every issue of Storytime is special – but Issue 73 is extra-special.

For one thing, it is our sixth-anniversary issue! We have had a wonderful time bringing you new stories to enjoy every month – and to celebrate, we are introducing not one, but two new sections!


Storytime Issue 73 –  Happy Birthday to Us!

The first is called Real Life Adventures and tells the story of a real-life person (or animal), but told in a classic Storytime way. This month, we have Bamse the Sea Dog, the true tale of a faithful Saint Bernard dog who went to sea during World War II. We’re sure you will love this thrilling story – and the colourful illustrations by Uliana Babenko.

Tinker Bell decides a pirate’s life is the life for her in our new bedtime stories section

The second new section is entitled Short Stories, Big Dreams, and features fun little tales that make ideal bedtime stories. The first episode is entitled Tinker Bell and the Forest in the Sky. Illustrated by the brilliant Giorgia Broseghini, it tells us what happens when the titular fairy embarks on a new career as a pirate!

Of course, all of your favourite sections are still present and correct – and Storytime is as jam-packed as ever with fairy tales, fables, modern stories, myths and legends.

The Spellbook is a fairy tale that celebrates our love for books. When her sisters get enchanted by an evil magician, a young clever girl must break his spell – and she does so with curiosity and courage! It’s also our little nod to the teachers everywhere in our back to school issue – as her happily ever after is rather special! It’s magically illustrated by Chiara Galletti

Freddie’s Fabulous First Day is a story about a boy’s first day at a very special school. We won’t spoil the surprise, but the art by Margherita Ende certainly brings it to life!

What happens when our favourite crustaceans decide to fight the sea? Find out in a fable from the Philippines, called The War of the Crabs! We are particularly lucky to have artist Alvin Adhi Mulyono illustrating this one, as he loves drawing sea life.

The classic Japanese story Urashima Taro also has an underwater theme, and Illustrator Tran Dac Trung captures the magic of the underwater kingdom the hero visits.

The classic Greek legend of Icarus gets the Storytime treatment in our new issue

We love classic myths, and we certainly hope you do too! Daedalus and Icarus – the tale of the boy who flew too close to the sun – is one of the most famous ancient Greek tales and Saoirse Louise does an admirable job bringing it to life with her art.

And finally, we have something very special. Rudyard Kipling is one of our all-time favourite storytellers, and it was a thrill to retell his tale, How the First Letter Was Written. It’s a hilarious story about what happens when a Stone Age girl tries to write a letter to her mother, and the characters drawn by Lavanya Naidu look so lively that they could step off the page!

Of course, we also have new activities and a ‘minesweeper’ card game in the Playbox section and a brand-new eco-friendly competition where you write about why you love the planet Earth – but more about that in the next blog!

What do you think about the new sections in the magazine, and which is your favourite? Tell us in the comments!