Easter Stories for Kids

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Easter means different things to different people. Whatever you think of it, for most children in the Western world, even those with religious beliefs, Easter means chocolate. We’re all for a bit of choc in the Storytime studio. However, if you feel like escaping the gluttony, why not use the long weekend as an excuse to share some of our favourite Easter stories for kids?

We’ve picked out some of our favourites. Why not flick through your Storytime back issues and hold an Easter story session?

Our selection features chocolate, chickens, bunnies and even an Easter Crocodile. Because why should fluffy animals have a monopoly on Easter?

10 Easter Stories for Kids


storytime magazine, easter stories for kids, magazine subscriptions for kids1. The Easter Crocodile in Storytime Issue 43. This story by Dylan Rourke came from a simple idea. Who delivers the Easter eggs in countries that don’t have cute bouncing bunnies? Rocky is a croc with a passion for choc, so when the Easter Bunny catches a cold, Rocky steps in to save the day. Except it’s not easy carrying eggs when you’re swimming down a river. Find out how Rocky gets around the problem. With art by Giovanni Abeille.

2. Augustus Gloop’s song in Storytime Issue 2. Greedy Gloop gets what he deserves! If this extract gives you a taste for more, tuck into a full serving of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Surely the perfect Easter read?

3. How Rabbit Got Long Ears in Storytime Issue 3. Kids love this Native American tale of how the mischievous rabbit ended up with long ears. Plus it’s always good to open their minds to stories from different cultures too.

4. Persephone and the Seasons in Storytime Issue 5. A fantastic Greek myth about how the seasons came to be, with stunning springtime illustrations. A great starting point for discussing the seasons and we have a Seasons Activity Sheet to download too.

kids magazine subscription, easter stories for kids, storytime magazine5. The Velveteen Rabbit in Storytime Issue 9. Our extract of this classic story by Marjery Williams features the world’s most adorable rabbit. It also makes you completely nostalgic for childhood and gives you a new appreciation for your child’s bond with their toys.

6. Hans the Rabbit Herder in Storytime Issue 12. This Grimm brothers’ tale is sheer good fun. It sees Hans win the hand of a princess through good luck, determination, quick wit and a hundred hopping rabbits.

7. Dolly Daydream in Storytime Issue 18. Dolly’s dreams of cute chicks, chickens and eggs go a little bit wrong in this funny fable. Kids will adore the colourful illustrations in this story.

8. Henny Penny in Storytime Issue 19. Also known as Chicken Licken, this story has so much going for it – vibrant and eye-catching illustrations, repetition (which is a secret weapon in helping kids to fall in love with reading –¬†learn about it here), funny names and loads of humour.

storytime magazine, easter stories for kids, william wordsworth, daffodills, kids magazine subscriptions9. Brer Rabbit in Storytime Issue 19. This trickster is hugely popular for his mischief-making in American folklore and is just as well loved on this side of the pond. Find out how he tricks Brer Fox and Brer Bear in this well-loved but little-told tale.

10. Daffodils in Storytime Issue 31. Daffodils are the ultimate icon of spring and Easter, so what better poem to share at this time of the year than William Wordsworth’s homage to this happy flower? Our extract from this famous poem is ideal for learning off by heart if you feel like showing off after Easter lunch too! If you’re a school subscriber and want to get hold of our Daffodils Teaching Resource Pack for this poem, drop us a line from your school email address to hello@storytimemagazine.com. Alternatively, if you’re a school and would like to subscribe, visit our dedicated schools website.


Incidentally, if you’re hankering after fluffy ducklings, Storytime Issue 43 also features¬†The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen. This story comes with an important message about acceptance and kindness. Whatever your beliefs, it’s a lesson we all need to remember.

Finally, we hope you enjoy these Easter stories for kids. Happy Easter everyone – enjoy the chocolate and happy story reading too!