Storytime Issue 56 Is Out!

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Spring has sprung and, with it, a spring in our step because Storytime Issue 56 is out! This issue stars an Easter cutie, Funny Bunny, and it’s packed with characters to suit every interest and taste! Read on…

Inside Storytime Issue 56

storytime issue 56

A fabulous fox and cockerel in Storytime Issue 56, by Jane Lukas.

We open the issue with the wonderful fable The Fox and the Cockerel, in which these two frequent rivals undertake a subtle battle of wits. It’s a great story made greater by Jane Lukas‘s truly stunning illustrations. What a way to open an issue!

In this issue’s new Storyland Adventure, we meet Beast who has a worrying mystery to solve – something is destroying the plants in Storyland, including the Wicked Witch’s herb garden. His wonderful bloom shop is also at risk unless he can track down the culprit quickly. As always, Giorgia Broseghini provides the art.

We’re delighted to bring you a beautifully illustrated version of Ducks’ Ditty – Ratty’s wonderful tune from Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows. It’s a fantastic and educational rhyme, and many thanks to Anna Gensler for the artwork. This poem also inspired our monthly Teaching Resource Pack, free to all school subscribers. Find out more about it here.

Storytime Issue 56

An image from the Hungarian folk tale, That’s Not True! Art by Jesús López.

Our Around the World Tale is a funny folk tale from Hungary, featuring a pig that lays eggs. Or does it? The title of the story, That’s Not True!, and gives you a clue about how the story unfolds. It’s a great read with a satisfying ending, only enhanced by Jesús López’s illustrations.

Action-lovers will enjoy our myth, Voyage to Easter Island, which tells how Polynesian adventurers braved a long and perilous journey to find a new home. It also explains the origin of Easter Island’s incredible statues. Felipe Rodriguez Rodriguez did an excellent job of the illustrations and gave us a hammerhead shark to remember.

Funny Bunny, with illustrations by Lucy Fleming, is Storytime Issue 56’s Tale from Today. It stars an Easter bunny who hates chocolate! Find out how she overcomes her fears to make sure all those eggs get delivered on time.

We love sharing lesser known fairy tales with you and One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes by the Brothers Grimm is certainly one of those. What’s interesting about this tale is how a sibling is persecuted for having two eyes and looking like “everyone else”. It’s a good starting point for talking about bullying and difference. Thanks to Katya Longhi for the illustrations.

Storytime Issue 56 closes with Miser and Merry – a tale of two farmers with very different attitudes to life and how they treat people. You can probably guess from their names how they are, but when a magical dwarf intervenes, one of them learns an important lesson. Dnepwu provided the illustrations for this classic folk tale.

Flick through Storytime Issue 56

Every month we make a quick video flick-through of the latest issue, so that anyone who’s interested in subscribing can get a feel for our great content. Have a look at Storytime Issue 56 here! This month, there’s a fantastic quiz and game in the back, as well as the usual puzzles, book recommendations and activities.

We hope you enjoy it. Let us know your faves by dropping us a line on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

See you soon!