Hello Storytime Issue 57!

Storytime Issue 57

If you could have one magical object, what would it be? This question inspired Storytime Issue 57’s cover story Benji’s Magic Boots, where the main character is attracted to a pair of ordinary-looking boots that can take him anywhere. Fans of fairy tales will know them as seven league boots – with each step you take, you travel seven leagues (about 5.5km). Benji, of course, has no idea what lies in store when he slips on the boots for the first time.

You can follow his adventure in Storytime Issue 57 and we hope you enjoy Michelle Ouellette’s glorious artwork.

There are lots more stories to enjoy, of course, so find out about them here.

Inside Storytime Issue 57


There’s always something exciting happening in Storyland. In Storytime Issue 57, this fairy-tale world’s residents get two surprise visitors from another fictional land. The unexpected guests have a problem and it’s up to Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and one of the three Little Pigs to help fix it. Giorgia Broseghini‘s illustrations – especially Rapunzel’s colourful plait – make us grin every time.

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Bouki the Hyena, an African story illustrated by Sid Mereiles.

Bouki the Hyena is a story from Africa, starring one of the continent’s best-known tricksters. You’ve probably worked out that we love trickster tales here at Storytime. This one is no exception – Sid Mereiles‘ animals are incredible.

Our fable, Mr Luck and Mrs Pluck, explores whether it’s better to be fortunate or fearless. What do you think? Find out our conclusion in the issue. Dilara Karakas‘s illustrations should make you smile.

The legendary hero Robin Hood returns to Storytime Issue 57. This time, you can discover how he met his best friend and sidekick Little John. It involves a fight! Mathieu Strale’s illustrations are heaps of fun. If you’re a teacher, you can also look forward to our free Robin Hood Teaching Resource Pack for school subscribers. Get it here. And don’t miss our Robin Hood game at the back of the issue too.

Our poem, The Transformation, offers you more great content for the classroom or home. It’s about the life cycle of a caterpillar and its change into a butterfly. A great companion to primary science lessons and Sara Ugolotti’s illustration should give you lots of inspiration for art classes.

As silly stories go, The Story With No End, is great. Rebels at heart, we can’t resist a tale where an ordinary Joe (or Joanne) outwits a mollycoddled king. Speaking of Jo, Joanna Klos helped us bring this unique story to life.

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Cap o’ Rushes – a fairy tale with Cinderella themes – in Storytime Issue 57. Art by Daniela Dogliani.

Finally, we’re delighted to welcome back illustrator Daniela Dogliani. She has illustrated the fairy tale Cap o’ Rushes. This beautiful story will delight Cinderella fans as it has some similar themes, but it’s far from being a copy. We’d love to know what you think about the ending.


All in all, it’s another packed issue.

So, where would you go if you had magic boots? We’d probably end up in a book shop. This one will do nicely.

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Hope you have some wonderful armchair adventures this month!