New Bedtime Stories for Kids!

Storytime magazine blog issue 22, Twelve Dancing Princesses, magazine subscriptions for kids, stories for kids, bedtime stories for kidsThis week’s blog celebrates the launch of our latest issue – Storytime 22, with a whole new batch of brilliant bedtime stories for kids. Time must be on fast-forward. It hardly seems two seconds since we were whooping over 21 issues and publishing 150 stories.

In every issue of Storytime, we aim to publish a good mix of stories. A fairy tale is a must (or so our readers tell us); a myth or a legend for some heroic action adventure; a story from a different culture to expand our readers’ horizons; a folk tale to keep the storytelling tradition alive; a fable because kids love animal stories; a book extract as we’re passionate about promoting reading for pleasure; and a poem, because our magazine wouldn’t be complete without poetry. Throw into the mix some activities and puzzles (and free downloads), and that’s Storytime. A beautifully packaged bundle of bedtime stories for kids and parents to treasure!

So what’s special about all-new Issue 22? Loads, of course!

Twelve Dancing Princesses invite you to Issue 22’s ball!

Not only are we showcasing the work of some fantastic new illustrators, we worked once again with one of our favourite collaborators – Christelle ‘Pich’ Galloux (art shown above and right). She previously created our stunning Little Red Riding Hood cover for Storytime Issue 9 and has returned to bring The Twelve Dancing Princesses to life with immense beauty, grace and style.

There’s a lot of humour in this issue too, because we can’t resist a good chuckle. Jack Seeks His Fortune is a funny old folk tale (with fab illustrations by Karl West), which bears striking similarities to the Town Musicians of Bremen.

The Proud Peacock (beautifully and colourfully illustrated by Anna Gensler) sees a peacock get a little carried away with himself.

The Diners in the Kitchen by James Whitcomb Riley is a poem that sparkles with wit and energy – and has artwork to match by Anastasiia Moshina.

Meanwhile, Mouse Deer and the Tiger is a smart trickster tale involving a suspiciously smelly cake, which will make kids giggle. Sebastian Baculea’s tiger is a real treat, and if you haven’t seen a mouse deer before, ours is hard to beat.

But it’s not all laughs. Ra’s Secret Name is our exquisite and quite serious Egyptian myth, with stunning illustrations by Ramon Pla.

Finally, we have an extract of one of my all-time favourite children’s books. I loved it as a child, but even more so as an adult – Clive King’s Stig of the Dump. This was on my hit list long before we launched Storytime, so I was over the moon when the estate allowed us to use it. It features new illustrations from Oriol Vidal too. Oriol is an incredible example of an illustrator with a varied style, as you’ll see in his portfolio. Incidentally, he created the storyboards for the new episodes of Dangermouse, so he clearly likes a good laugh too.


If you don’t already subscribe to Storytime, I hope this convinces you. Bedtime stories for kids delivered to your door with amazing illustrations! We believe there’s no better way to make lasting memories and create confident, enthusiastic readers – and we have lovely feedback from parents and teachers to prove it!


Here’s to reading happily ever after!