Storytime Issue 58 – Out Now!

Storytime Issue 58Storytime Issue 58 is out now and it’s an extra-magical edition! But first, our cover star is fairy-tale favourite, Little Billy Goat Gruff, who sets out to prove his heroism by discovering what’s inside Storyland’s spooky mystery shack. As in all good adventures, Little Billy uncovers more than he expected and learns a valuable lesson about bravery along the way. Regular illustrator Giorgia Broseghini created our cover and the artwork for this and all of our Storyland Adventures so far. They’re a real treat for fairy-tale fans.

What other magical treats are hiding inside Storytime Issue 58? Find out more here.

Inside Storytime Issue 58


Storytime Issue 58, Toy Story

Ekaterina Ledatko’s illustration for Too Many Toys – a modern toy story for Storytime Issue 58.

In our new story Too Many Toys (a Tale from Today), Mum wants to have a toy clear out, but Alice has other ideas… and it looks like the toys do too. Most parents will relate to this story and might even shed a tear. Ekaterina Ladatko’s illustrations melted our hearts a little bit and will probably do the same to you.

We’re excited to have Lucy Semple illustrating for Storytime again. This time, she has turned her hand to Edward Lear’s wonderful nonsense poem, Calico Pie. A combination of imagination and repetition, this is a fun poem to learn off by heart together. Give it a go.

In our Around the World Tale, The Kangaroo’s Pouch, children can enjoy an Aboriginal story about how this much-loved marsupial got its pouch. It’s a story about magic and kindness, made all the more special by Aurica Safiulina’s humorous illustrations.

William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Storytime Issue 58, kids magazine subscriptions

William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream for kids in Storytime Issue 58. Illustration by Alessandra Fusi.

There’s more magic in A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the great William Shakespeare. We’ve taken his original play and turned it into a child-friendly fairy tale. Who can resist Bottom and Puck? We think Alessandra Fusi’s dreamy illustrations are the perfect match for this story and we hope you can read it on midsummer’s night. Who knows what might happen?

Teachers! If your school subscribes to Storytime, you can get a free bumper Midsummer Night’s Dream lesson resource pack to use with this story, which is packed with Shakespeare facts, puzzles, literacy activities and mini art projects. Visit our Storytime for Schools website to find out more.

Children can enjoy another animal story in our funny fable The Owl and the Echo, which reveals what happens when an owl gets carried a little away by its own vanity. Thank you to Alex Willmore for the illustrations.

If you’ve never heard of The Pooka, then our folk tale from Ireland is the perfect introduction to this mysterious creature. Begoña Fernandez Corbálan has imagined it brilliantly, but as nobody knows what they truly look like, her guess is as good as anybody’s! Why not have a go at drawing your own version of a pooka?

Our Persian tale Zal and the Magic Bird delivers Storytime Issue 58’s final dose of magic – and you won’t be disappointed. This wonderful bird, known as the Simurgh, lives atop a jewelled mountain in a castle surrounded by stars. Allegedly, it has golden feathers and all the wisdom in the world. It’s a gem of a story and Alessia Trunfio’s art truly does it justice.


With stories from Ancient Persia, Australia, Ireland, Aesop, Shakespeare, Lear and today, we’ve worked really heard to bring you a world of imagination and creativity in just 52 pages. As with every issue, we hope Storytime succeeds in sparking a life-long love of reading for your child and creates some happy memories too!

Have a magical midsummer!