Storytime Issue 63 Out Now!

Storytime Issue 63Brighten your November with all-new Storytime Issue 63, which features our gorgeous Masha and the Bear fairy tale on the cover!

This new issue is guaranteed to make you want to curl up together and lose yourself in the wonderful world of stories. We’ve filled it with a wide variety of stories from new fiction and poetry to classic fairy tales and adventures from around the world. Better still, it’s designed to help your kids find a passion for and confidence in reading.

Plus, as always, every story comes with ideas for activities to extend the fun and learning, including plenty of puzzles and creative challenges. You can also discover our recommendations for the best new picture books – and enter our competition to win copies here!

Before you do that, find out what you can look forward to in Storytime Issue 63 – we’re really proud of this issue.

Inside Storytime Issue 63

We hope little dinosaur fans enjoy our new poem The Doyouthinkhesaurus, which is illustrated by the amazing Momo. The star of our dinosaur poem has an incredible secret, but you’ll have to read it to find out what it is!

Storytime Issue 63

The Car that Went Far – an eco story for kids in Storytime Issue 63. Art by Gaby Zermeno.

A plucky electric car is the unexpected hero in The Car that Went Far. When his new owner brings him home, he gets a hostile reception from the petrol cars on the street. They don’t believe he can drive any great distance at all. Can he prove them wrong? This story is ideal for little environmental warriors. Thank you Gaby Zermeno, once again, for the bright and cheery illustrations.

Fans of King Arthur and Arthurian legends will enjoy our latest folk tale, which comes from Wales. A tale of greed, The Sleeping Knights features a hidden cave, secret treasure and Knights of the Round Table. Virginia Morelli has done a brilliant job of bringing Merlin to life, the wizard we never tire of seeing in Storytime.

Another issue means another Storyland Adventure. This time, in The Princess and the Pea Soup, Princess Meribel decides to turn the tables and test whether she has found a real prince. It only seems fair! As ever, Giorgia Broseghini’s wonderful art helps bring our new fairy-tale world to life.

Fairy tales remain one of our most popular sections in Storytime. As the issues progress, we get genuinely excited about sharing lesser-known (but still brilliant) tales with you. Masha and the Bear is a famous fairy tale from Russia. It inspired a popular TV series there, which you might have seen. Our version of this classic tale is beautifully illustrated by Gaia Bordicchia – her second cover for Storytime. She previously illustrated The Nutcracker – a great festive issue to add to a Christmas stocking. Incidentally, you can read an interview with Gaia here.

Thunder and Lightning is a really enjoyable myth from Africa. It explains the origins of our most extreme weather conditions. The lead characters are troublesome, noisy, destructive and probably get what they deserve. See what you think. Guilherme Franco created the energetic art for this story.

Storytime Issue 63

Our fable, The Animals and the Mirror, with art by Jean Galvao. Read it in Storytime Issue 63.

We also have a short but thought-provoking fable for you in The Animals and the Mirror. When wild animals see their reflections for the first time, it inspires feelings and doubts they have never experienced before. Is ignorance bliss? A great story to get a conversation started with great illustrations by artist and comic strip creator, Jean Galvao.

To close the issue, we whisk you away on The Magic Carpet for a spectacular story of sibling rivalry and adventure in the Middle East. What’s more valuable – the carpet of the title, a looking glass that can see whatever you wish for or a magical healing apple? Find out in this epic story, which returning illustator Raitan Ohi perfectly visualised for us.


We truly enjoyed putting this issue together for you. If you like the look of it, don’t forget that our December issue is just around the corner too. Subscribe now and you’ll get it in time to make a lasting and memorable Christmas gift. For now though, cosy up and make the most of your November issue!


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