Storytime Issue 64 Out Now!


We’ve created a special treat for you this holiday season: our snowiest issue ever! It’s the time of the year to curl up by the fire with your loved ones and share special stories, and you’re sure to love the tales in this month’s issue.

Inside Storytime Issue 64

Dashing through the snow! Jingle Bells is our festive rhyme.


Our first story takes us all the way to Antarctica, where perky Pim the Penguin suffers a chilly mishap but receives a colourful Christmas gift that makes things better. Pim and his pals look great in the cute and colourful art by the talented Luke Flowers.

There’s nothing like a traditional Christmas sing-along, and they don’t come much better than Jingle Bells. Read and sing this poem with others! Alisa Coburn’s illustrations bring new life to this family favourite.

The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs is yet another classic story, with gorgeous old-school artwork by Beatriz Mayumi. Of course, it also provides a gentle moral about the perils of greed and over-consumption that could make for an interesting topic for discussion at this particular time of the year.

We’ve also got a wild and wintry adventure story called The Little Girl and Father Frost. A brave little girl overcomes adversity to bring spring back to her town, and artist Carol Rempto does a fantastic job bringing it to life. Warning: may contain cute little bunnies!

The Elves and the Shoemaker is another classic story that taps into themes of generosity and kindness in the festive season. Illustrator Gemma Román certainly has a gift for drawing elves!

Is Skadi’s appetite for food bigger than her appetite for revenge?

In your family, is decorating the tree a treat, a chore, or somewhere in between? Whatever the answer, you’re sure to love The Tinsel Spiders, an original story about an old lady who gets help from an unexpected quarter. The story is rendered in lovely detail by the talented Tatiana Obukovich.

Artist Vanessa Morales brings some mythological magic to the season with Skadi the Ski Goddess. This fierce giantess has a vendetta against the Norse gods, but even her heart gets melted by a midwinter feast!

Magical Storyland is blessed with almost perpetual lovely weather, but this proves a problem when the inhabitants want to experience ice-skating, snowball fights, and other winter activities. In A Snowy Surprise, Giorgia Broseghini illustrates what happens when the Storylanders ask a witch to help them have some frosty fun…

Please don’t forget, that if you are looking for a gift that will keep giving all throughout the New Year, there’s nothing better than a whole year of stories! Each month you can give someone special a new issue, addressed to them in the post and packed with exciting and heartwarming stories, gorgeous artwork and fun games and puzzles. You can subscribe here.

Happy holidays and a very merry Christmas from the whole Storytime team!