Storytime Issue 68 Out Now!


Many of us will no doubt be feeling a certain desire to change our current situation at the moment – and this happens to be a theme that runs through the tales featured in the latest issue of Storytime!


Storytime Issue 68 – I want to break free!

Sometimes it’s animals that want to run wild, and that’s just what happens in The Llama Pyjama Drama. Aided and abetted by a mischievous girl named Maya, a llama named Alan leads a mass breakout that culminates in a mob of llamas knotted in nightclothes – an unlikely situation rendered with artistic flair by Helga Lukas.

Anders has the best hat is the whole wide world – trouble is, everybody else wants it too

Anders’ Red Hat is about a boy whose mother makes him the very best hat in the world, which is so fabulous that it secures him to an invitation to a princess’s tea party at the royal palace. However, it soon becomes clear that everyone – including the princess and the king – have designs on his magnificent chapeau and he must get out! Federica Tanania captures the manic action (and amazing hat) in grand style.

A jackal gets accidentally dyed sky-blue, and discovers a way to get out of the drudgery of scavenging for food by masquerading as a holy being. When the dye comes out in the wash, though, he must escape the vengeance of the animals he has tricked. Sebastian Baculea does a great job rendering the colourful tale of The Blue Jackal!

The story of Kintu and Nambi is something really special – a Ugandan creation myth with fab artwork by the very creative Thiago Amormino. When a goddess falls in love with a mortal man, she leaves heaven to be with him – but the couple must escape the attentions of her brother, the god of disease!

Robert Louis Stevenson is famous as the author of the adventure novel Treasure Island, but not many people know that when he was young, he was often confined to bed by illness and would occupy his time fighting battles and building worlds on the bedspread with his toys. The Land of Counterpane was a poem he wrote about escaping from his sickbed though the power of imagination, and illustrator Ramona Bruno captures it perfectly.

These four tuneful animals thwart a gang of robbers in The Musicians of Bremen.

When four elderly farm animals realise they are no longer useful on the farm, they decide to escape this predicament by going to Bremen and embarking on a career in the music business. An encounter with some superstitious robbers leads to them putting their talents to a better use – and becoming heroes into the bargain! Artist Marine Cazaux breathes new life into the classic tale of The Musicians of Bremen.

The lead character in the ancient tale of Rhodopis the Egyptian Cinderella has more reason to want to break free than most, for she is a slave to a family that ruthlessly exploit her skill at sewing by making her work to all hours. However, her needlework (and a hawk) soon lead to a change in circumstances. Fatima Anaya ably captures the magic of a time long past in her illustrations.

One thing that’s really difficult to escape, it is the pull of gravity. However, that doesn’t stop Storyland residents the Three Little Pigs from trying to do so by scoffing loads of enchanted treats made by Sugar Plum and grazing on magic cloudmallows, they soon discover that flying is no fun for pigs. Sugar Plum’s Sweet Shop features art by the very talented Giorgia Broseghini.

We hope you enjoy escaping with our many adventures in the latest issue. Stay safe and well, from everyone at Storytime!