Storytime Issue 76 Out Now!


This month we celebrate the holiday season with a special Christmas issue. It’s all about giving gifts – and as you can see, many of the presents people give in these tales are even better than toys, gadgets, or even knitted jumpers! The gift of stories is also a great gift, don’t you think?


Storytime Issue 76 – The Season for Giving

Pinocchio and the Monster Downstairs is the latest of our short-and-sweet bedtime tales, illustrated by the magical Giorgia Broseghini. When Pinocchio hears something downstairs on Christmas eve, he thinks it must be some frightening creature – but instead Geppetto will give him a cute new friend instead!

The Long Winter is a classic tale from the forests of North America, with lovely art by Martina Naldi. When an everlasting winter covers the world, a group of brave animals (and fish!) go on a perilous quest to bring the gift of sunshine back to the Earth. Just the story for those long winter nights!

Nelson Tsen illustrates the real-life story of a very talented kid in The Littlest Pop Star. Young Wolferl had the gift of being very good at music – and he gave everyone else the gift of beautiful music that we are still enjoying today. He even wrote a song about going on a fun winter sleigh ride – you can listen to it here!

The Christmas Fairy of Strasbourg is the tale of a count who marries and then loses his fairy bride. It tells us why the people of Strasbourg put up beautiful and bright Christmas trees – which are one of our favourite things about the holiday season! Monica Garofalo’s art just adds to the enchantment.

Our cover story, The Snowman’s Holiday literally turns the holiday season upside down! When Ike and Archie tell their snowman friend Mr Fimbulwinter that they are going to celebrate Christmas in Australia, they come up with a plan to take him along too. A magic gift from their neighbour makes it all possible! MEimo Siwaporn’s colourful artwork captures the magic of a holiday Down Under.

The traditional fable The Wolf and the Kid is about a musical wolf who gives a cheeky little goat the chance to dance for a few minutes – with unexpected consequences! Illustrator Gabriele Tafuni really brings the animals to life.

The Canadian story Saint Nicholas and the Children has beautiful art by Fanny Liem, and tells a slightly spooky story with a happy ending as well! Two twins are trapped in a barrel by a wicked butcher, but the little presents they were given by a kindly woodworker summon help from an unexpected source. Can you guess who? This story is a little bit special!

Finally, we have Pandora’s Box, a classic Greek myth about a present you do NOT want to open! Clarissa Corradin’s visuals capture the magic of this story about what happens when Pandora’s curiosity gets the better of her. It also ends with a message of hope quite appropriate for this special time of year! Shall we all be gifted hope for the New Year ahead!

What is the most special gift that YOU have ever received? Tell us in the comments below!

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