The Best Things About Christmas


The Best Things About Christmas!

There are many wonderful things about Christmas. In fact, there are so many that we here at Storytime can’t agree about what is best! What do you think? Here is a selection of classic Storytime tales about our favourite Christmassy things… ! Get inspired by our stories that celebrate many of these traditions, and don’t forget that sharing a story is a great tradition too!


What would Christmas be like without a Christmas tree shining bright in the living room? The December issue of Storytime features The Christmas Fairy of Strasbourg, which is a fairy story about how the people of this famous Austrian city began the tradition of putting up Christmas trees. Another magical story about a Christmas tree can be found in Storytime 15, The Little Fir Tree is told from the point of view of a tree that is very happy to be taken inside and decorated for the holiday season!


When it comes to decorations, we love a little sparkle and The Tinsel Spiders is full of it! (Storytime 64), a sweet story about the kind spiders who weave all night long to help a lovely granny to decorate her house for Christmas. We love putting up decorations – and tinsel is a firm favourite!


We also love carols, as well as other songs and poems. Check out Twelve Days of Christmas from Issue 15 and Jingle Bells from Issue 64 for two of the most classic Christmas rhymes. Why not sing them together with friends and family?


During the holiday season, you cannot escape a classic Christmas jumper – the brighter and wackier, the better! That’s why we love the story Pim the Penguin from Storytime 64. When he loses his feathers, his aunty makes him a cosy and comfy knit to see him through the Antarctic winter.


If cooking is your treat of choice, then we have a yummy Christmas issue for you! Our Issue 52 features a poem about one of our favourite yuletide treats – Pudding Charms by Charlotte Druitt Cole and the Gingerbread Man Baking Challenge might inspire you to bake all season long!


We could not forget Santa! In our issue 40, A Visit from Saint Nicholas reminds us of all the lovely anticipation and traditions we have on Christmas eve, while we wait for the most special visitor of the year!


What is your favourite thing about Christmas? Share with us below!