Storytime Issue 77 Out Now!


In these difficult times, it is easy to feel helpless – but stories remind us that we can achieve great things if we put our minds to it! The latest issue of Storytime features many tales about characters (and particularly awesome kids) who were determined to make things happen!


Storytime Issue 77 – You Have The Power!

Our Favourite Fairy Tale for this month is called The Wolf Prince – but despite its name, the princess is the real hero. After the prince’s magical wolfskin is destroyed, the furry fellow has to flee, but the princess goes on an amazing quest to find her beloved. Needless to say, she doesn’t give up until she succeeds, and Diana Dementeva’s illustrations bring a special magic to the story visuals!

We have been getting a great response from our new Awesome Adventures stories, and we are not short of amazing stories to follow as well. This month we bring you The Greatest Kid in the World – the true story of a boy named Cassius. When he discovers a sport that he is good at, he puts his mind to becoming the best person he can be – and no wonder he became one of the greatest sports people of all time. This one is sure to inspire kids who love competition! Artist Vera Zaytseva did a wonderful job of capturing the era in which Cassius’s story takes place.

The Knight in Shepherd’s Boots is a story from long ago, but rewritten for modern readers and illustrated in a colourful up-to-date style by Paige McMorrow. It’s about a humble shepherd who meets some knights– and is determined to become one of them! Despite his humble origins and rough clothing, he proves his courage and joins King Arthur’s legendary Knights of the Round Table crew. This story is hundreds of years old but its themes continue to speak to us, even today.

The latest story in the Short Stories, Big Dreams section is called Sleeping Beauty Goes to the Moon. Giorgia Broseghini brings her special touch to this charming tale of what happens when a certain sleepyhead takes a night-time trip. Was it just a dream? But what is the cheese smell about? It makes a wonderful bedtime story, and shows us that we can take amazing journeys just by using our imagination.

We don’t often do detective stories, but The Classroom Conspiracy Conundrum is a rather special exception! Young Agatha is a big fan of mysteries, and when she notices strange things going on around her, she decides to play detective. The formidable Marrie-Pierre Oddoux illustrates the story of what Agatha and her tortoise Hercules discover. Does she solve the conundrum? We won’t give away the ending, but a very special surprise is in store for Agatha!

Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a world where the most fearsome predator could swoop down at any moment? That is the problem the animals of the savannah face in the African fable When Uncle Lion Could Fly. However, brave Brother Toad realises that he can do something to make a difference and break the spell that gives the lion his wings. Maja Barska conjures up beautiful images of Africa in this story that can inspire all of us to make the world a better place.

This month’s fable, is for everyone that ever wondered How the Dog and the Cat Became Enemies. The cat and the dog joined forces to achieve a great deed, but let’s say the outcome was not too fair! This tale, illustrated with style by Federica Tanania, is great fun, and gives an explanation for why two of our favourite pets do not get on!

To round out the issue, we have something rather special to mark the beginning of the new year and remind us that the weather will (eventually) get warmer! The Story of the Year is the tale of two sparrows who go to the countryside and witness the changing of the seasons first hand.

New artist Rachel Batislaong really captures the way the different times of the year feel in her wonderful art.

Stories can do a wonderful job of inspiring and motivating us. Can you think of a special story that have made a difference in your life? Let us know!

Happy New Year everyone – we shall make sure 2021 is filled with wonderful stories to inspire and motivate you all!

With love, The Storytime team