5 Reasons To Give a Storytime Subscription For Christmas

Give a Storytime Subscription for Christmas

So, we admit that this post is a little biased. However, we genuinely believe that to give a Storytime subscription for Christmas is one of the loveliest and most life-enhancing things you can do for a child.

And there’s still plenty of time to do it! This year (2018), we’re closing our subscription deadline for our special Christmas issue – starring Gingerbread Man – on Friday December 14th. Subscribe before midnight on this date and you’ll get our December issue in plenty of time to wrap and sneak under the tree.

We have a great Christmas subscription offer here.

Alternatively, you can subscribe now and start your subscription in January 2019. If it’s a Christmas present, just give the lucky recipient a gift card to let them know Storytime is coming! We have a gift certificate you can download here.

Now, back to that life-enhancing bit… We’ve got five reasons to back up that bold statement!


Why You Should Give a Storytime Subscription For Christmas

    • 1. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. In the digital age, getting old-fashioned post has never been more exciting. If you’re a child, getting old-fashioned post actually addressed to you is the best thing ever. How to top that? Subscribe to Storytime and your child gets post addressed to them every month for a whole year! Even better, it comes in a beautiful illustrated envelope with loads of gorgeous stories. Think about what your child got for Christmas a year ago. How many gifts are they still enjoying now? It’s a fact – Storytime deliveries result in spontaneous outbreaks of smiles.


    • 2. Storytime offers quality and quantity. Not many products can make that claim. For the price of a subscription, not only do you get a magazine every month, inside every issue, you get heaps of high-quality, educator-approved fun and lively content. You can enjoy seven or eight stories, one or two poems, activities, puzzles, a craft, a game, book recommendations and competitions. Plus we have fabulous free downloads! At 52 pages, we are one of the thickest children’s magazines out there, yet we cost the same as flimsier magazines on the newsstand. Did we mention our paper quality too? Storytime magazine is built to last. It’s a gift you can treasure for years to come.


    • 3. Storytime helps children fall in love with reading. It’s true and we have the research to back it up. A whopping 84.6% of reluctant or struggling readers say they enjoy reading more after receiving Storytime every month. One parent said, “My son’s vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds because we read this magazine together.” But Storytime isn’t just for reluctant or struggling readers – it’s for any child anywhere. Stories no know bounds. They should be shared with readers young and old, beginner or expert. We design our magazine so you can read it to younger children, and then prepare yourself to be blown away when they start reading it to you!


    • 4. Storytime opens up a whole new world to children. Think of Storytime as several great books squeezed between two beautifully designed covers. Like a good book, it will transport your child to places you never thought possible. We pride ourselves on featuring a wide variety of tales in every issue from different cultures and eras. On one page, you might zoom into space, in another you might meet an African warrior. Stick with us for the year of your subscription and you’ll visit at least 30 countries – probably more. And you’ll do it all from the comfort of your armchair. Adventure, travel and magic – all designed to boost reading, build empathy and ignite creativity in your child.


  • 5. Storytime brings families together. This is possibly the most life-enhancing reason to give a Storytime subscription for Christmas! When Storytime arrives, it’s your free pass to cosy up and indulge in stories together. Storytime is you time and there’s no better way to build lasting, happy memories for your child to look back on. Storytime has always been about bringing generations together. This is the magic ingredient that makes stories have the most lasting impact – and the strongest influence on your child’s feelings about reading. If you read happily, then your child is more likely to follow suit. But more than that, reading stories together is just pure lovely.


We think that’s five great reasons to give a Storytime subscription for Christmas and hope you agree!

As we mentioned, we have a great offer on at the moment to make Storytime even more accessible for you. Drop us a line if you have any questions at hello(at)storytimemagazine(dot)com and very best wishes to you!