Storytime – Online!


Introducing Storytime Hub!


Here at Storytime, we love to bring our readers good classic stories to enjoy. However, we are always looking into new ways to bring these stories to you, and with the current global situation, we appreciate that it is more important than ever for parents, teachers, children and pupils to be able to access fun reading material anywhere at any time.


We’re therefore delighted to announce that our shiny new Storytime Hub is now live!


With Storytime Hub, we have made our extensive catalogue of over 700 stories and 80 home learning packs accessible digitally for teachers and parents to use all over the world for the first time.


It contains every magazine and story we have ever published, and it’s fully searchable – so if there is an out-of-stock back issue that you just haven’t been able to get hold of, or you want to get hold of every story we’ve ever written featuring dragons – now you can! Plus every month we’ll be loading up each new issue of Storytime as it goes on sale.


There are a range of subscription options available – families can have digital only access, or even receive a printed issue alongside it every month (we know that many of our readers are thrilled when they receive their freshly-printed issues in the post!).


Our school subscription options also include extra logins for pupils so that they can read along with stories in the classroom or even access them remotely from home. We understand that sadly so many children have fallen behind with their reading over the past year, so Storytime Hub is a great, very low-cost way to help children catch up with their reading this summer. We’ve also included every single home learning pack we’ve ever produced, one to accompany each issue of the magazine, each containing lesson ideas, comprehension exercises and awesome activities.


We hope that Storytime Hub will give kids more opportunities to enjoy our content in the way that suits parents, carers and educators. To find out more, follow this link, and if you have any questions do feel free to get in touch with the team at


This is only the beginning for Storytime Hub – we have big plans for it which we will be unveiling in the near future, including something very special that our readers have been asking about for a very long time….


Stay tuned, have fun and keep reading!


The Storytime team