Storytime Issue 87 Out Now!


Reading a good story can be like going on a magical journey. It can transport us to places we have never been, or make familiar things seem truly fantastic! We hope that you will fall under the spell of the very special tales in our November issue!


Storytime Issue 87 – An Enchanted Issue

Friendships can be magical things – and they can even transform our lives! That is the theme of the Chinese folk tale, How the Moon Became Beautiful. It tells of how a gentle maiden’s kindness helped the moon to glow and light up the night sky. Artist Tilia Rand-Bell brought her own special magic to this story with her unique and luminous art.

Here at Storytime, we love to contribute to good causes – and give our readers the chance to do their bit, too! How the Moon Became Beautiful was chosen to promote the George Oliver Foundation, which supports children and young people in need in the UK and around the world.  For every back issue of Storytime sold in our store in November and December, we will give 50p to the foundation so they can help the kids who need it most. You can find out more about their projects at and our initiative at


In fairy stories, magical beings often use spells to transform others – and that is what happens in The Enchanted Stag. The deer of the title is actually a boy who is ensorcelled by a wicked witch. Don’t worry – it has a happy ending and the wee boy isn’t the only one who is transformed! Lily Stock provided the eye-catching artwork for this Brothers Grimm classic, as well as the issue’s wonderful cover.


Another witch stars in Baba Yaga’s Winter Escape, which is a bedtime story with a twist. Baba Yaga is a villain in many Russian folk tales, but in this adventure, we take her on holiday! Her enchanted walking house that can walk around on its chicken legs, but when it gets lost, she finds herself in the Himalayas! Giorgia Broseghini’s lovely art is perfect for this charming story.


In Pele and the Poi, the hot-tempered Hawaiian volcano goddess use her magic on herself! She wants to find out more about her human neighbours, so she changes into an old lady and pays them a visit! Chiara Carapellese did an amazing job bringing Hawaii and its inhabitants to life in her illustrations, which also give a little tropical warmth to this chilly season.


Real inventions are like magic – they can inspire a sense of wonder and even change the world! That’s exactly what happens in the charming Swiss story of The Fairy Queen’s Cuckoo Clock. Vanessa Morales provided the fun and gorgeous artwork for this tale of an absent-minded man who is given the idea of a cuckoo clock by the fairy queen. This incredible device enchanted the man’s neighbours, and helped the Swiss to become amazingly punctual!


Of course, music can also put a spell on us. In The Adventures of Young Finn, a fire-breathing giant puts a whole city to sleep with a tune played on an enchanted harp! Luckily for the inhabitants, though, a brave Irish boy with a sorcerous spear is on hand to save the day. We think that Alex Herrerías’ must add something a little bit magical to his paint, because his gorgeous art transports us back to the age of legends!


James Takes Sail, illustrated by the very talented Sara Porras, is a very real story about a boy who falls under the spell of the ocean! Stories of adventure on the high seas inspire young James to work hard and follow his dream of becoming a sailor. Believe it or not, he grew up to become Captain James Cook, one of the most famous explorers and navigators of all time.


And finally, we have something a bit special for this month’s Tales from Today, The Grand Royal Minibeast Hotel by author Clare Owers. It has a catchy title (borrowed from one of our favourite films), but what really enchanted us was the story in itself. Sometimes we can find magic in our own back gardens, especially when we let our imagination run free! Let’s just say that a wonderful transformation happens at the end – we don’t want to spoil the surprise!


A good story has the power to enchant us and keep young readers spellbound. It can make a grey day into a brighter one, influence our feelings and emotions, and inspire us to dream brilliant dreams. As autumn transforms the world outside, we hope you will find a cosy and warm place to read our November issue and let yourself fall under its spell!

Happy Reading!

The Storytime Team