Storytime Issue 116 Out Now!

The Tiny Samurai

A Storytelling Journey Through Our April Issue!

Welcome, young readers and story enthusiasts! This month, we’re taking you on a magical journey through a world of enchanting tales, beautifully illustrated and filled with wonder. They are as diverse as they are delightful and will captivate readers big and small. So cosy up, and let’s dive into our latest issue!


The Tiny SamuraiOur cover features the classic Japanese tale of Issun Boshi, ‘The Tiny Samurai’. His story proves that size doesn’t matter if you have courage in your heart. The lovely illustrations by Ekaterina Savic will transport you to legendary Japan!






Brer Rabbit

Next, we hop into the world of Brer Rabbit, the trickster hero of African-American folklore. His tales teach us that brains often triumph over brawn, and that is certainly the case in How Brer Rabbit Fooled the Elephant and the Whale!  Claudia Marianno uses an amazing palette of colours to create a unique and distinctive take on this classic tale.





This month’s World of Wonder is actually… Nala’s Grandma’s farm! The clever girl on a mission to help her grandma milk a stubborn goat. Will she succeed? You’ll have to read to find out! Nala and the Nanny Goat is written by the talented author Kathryn England and features lively art by Viv Campbell that will make you fall in love with Nala’s world!




Bo Peep

Our lovely illustration feast continues with The Sheep Factor, a tale about three lambs who go to a concert… and end up taking centre stage! Bo Peep needn’t worry about her lost sheep – and Gabriela Grave glammed them up for this special performance!






Florence NightingaleThe Courage to Care tells the true story of famous British nurse Florence Nightingale. Take a trip to the grand mansion where she lived as a child, which is illustrated by Andrea Noca. We are sure that Florence’s tale will inspire readers to make a positive difference in the world!





Hans Christian Andersen

Our next story is set in a humble apartment… but a blossoming plant makes a big difference to the mother and child that live there. The Pea Blossom is a wonderful Hans Christian Andersen story, and we love the art provided by Mirti Illustrations – it certainly made us smile!





The Eye of Odin

We round off this issue with two epic adventures. The Eye of Odin takes us on a thrilling journey down the cosmic World Tree of Norse mythology, and the stunning graphics are the work of Dino Caruso Galvano.







The Princess of the Springs

The Princess of the Springs is an epic South American story filled with larger-than-life characters, filled with magic, mystery, and the promise of new beginnings. Its vibrant visuals and epic scenes are the work of Levi Gomes.


So, dear readers, prepare to be enchanted by these tales. Remember, every story is a door to a new world. All you need to do is turn the page!