Storytime Issue 117 Out Now!

The Lady Cat

Welcome to the Enchanted Kingdom of Stories!

This month, Storytime magazine takes you on a whimsical journey through a realm where imagination reigns supreme! Our latest issue is a celebration of tales and characters from lands both distant and familiar, woven together in a tapestry of magic and wonder. Each story has its own enchantments, and we suspect that every reader will find a favourite inside. Read on… and discover the wizards (oops, make that artists) who bring these tales to life!


On our cover, The Lady Cat beckons you to explore the most fantastical of kingdoms. Her stunning portrayal is the work of the incredibly talented Gabi Tozati. Follow her on Instagram at @gabitozatiart to see more of her enchanting illustrations.


The Mighty Wind

Next, we invite you to venture into the forest realm where The Mighty Wind is causing havoc. By the end of the tale, readers discover the source of the storm…  and the three little pigs and the wolf become friends! The captivating forest scenes are beautifully crafted by Alessia Gilli.


Don’t ever try to steal from the fairies or they’ll make you dance till you drop! The Greedy Old Man is about an unfortunate fellow who ignored this warning… Ramona Bruno’s vibrant art will transport you to Cornwall, the setting of this classic folk tale.


The Chief of the Birds

Our adventure continues in the African jungles, where we help choose The Chief of the Birds. Lisa Batagglini’s artistry led to the creation of some breath-taking visuals. See if you can spot all the colourful creatures in her gorgeous illustrations!


In the meantime, we headed to South Asian shores where Yuri Peron gifts us with an elegant rendition of the retelling of the fable The Talkative Tortoise, featuring amazing Tibetan ducks and intricate and beautiful designs.


Time Travelling Party Crasher The Lady Cat

Artist Andres Hertsens transports us back to 1919 in Time-Travelling Party Crasher! – you can almost taste the delicious food he has depicted in his fun-filled scenes. Who’d like some Bakewell tarts and Battenberg slices?


Kindness always wins out in our stories, and The Good Giant’s tale is about the triumph of the spirit. Ahmed Madbolly faced the challenge of bringing this old Native American tale to life and succeeded with flying colours. After seeing his illustrations, you will also want a pet frog like the one in this myth!


Anne Tells Her Tale

Lastly, our hearts were captivated by the story of Anne Frank, whose diary entries became timeless tales. Lily Uivels beautiful artwork brings the girl’s world to life, and Anne Tells her Tale is one of the most poignant Awesome Adventures we have ever published!


Join us in this issue of Storytime as we celebrate the power of storytelling and the artists who make these stories leap off the pages. Here’s to finding your new favourite place within our kingdom of stories!


We hope you enjoy this magical journey as much as we enjoyed crafting it. Until next time, keep the stories alive in your heart!